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Spring Quilt Market 2017 Recap: Part II

Hi there, fabric friends!

About a week ago, I shared some of the exciting things that happened during Quilt Market in Part I of our recap. Well, guess what? There’s lots more from Quilt Market that you haven’t seen! Today, we’re giving you a glimpse of three more of our designers’ booths plus a video summing everything up! Check it out!

Quilt market recap part 2

Bountiful by Sharon Holland


For this quilt market, Sharon displayed her recently released collection Bountiful. As some of you might know, Bountiful is all about the beauty of the midwest. The rustic fabrics in this collection couldn’t have been more perfect for this show because it took place in the midwest (St. Louis, MO). To take a closer look at the fabulous projects she had on display, flip through the Bountiful Lookbook.

To learn more about Sharon, watch her interview.

Arizona After & Heritage by April Rhodes


April took us on a heartfelt journey with her two upcoming collections Arizona After & Heritage! Her booth was like entering a living room filled with handmade projects and family mementos that showed us the importance of remembering our roots.

To learn more about April, watch her interview.

Little Town by Amy Sinibaldi


Amy took us to a winter wonderland with her upcoming collection Little Town. This collection is the first Holiday collection AGF is releasing and we couldn’t be happier! Amy’s sweet designs express the essence of winter while having some prints that can be used throughout the year.

To learn more about Amy’s, watch her interview.


Now for the grand finale! Here’s the recap video:

I hope you had fun looking at all the things that happened at Quilt Market! Let me know in the comments what were your favorite parts of the show.

Happy Sewing!



P.S. Stay tuned for the reveal of the charity quilt we made at the show. ;)

AGF Makers Spotlight Winner: Saija from @saija_elina

Hey there, makers!

I hope you're having a fab week so far! First off, I want to thank all of you for always sharing your beautiful projects with us. It's truly inspiring! You all keep us passionate about sewing, quilting, and being all around creative. This is why we started the Instagram contest the AGF Makers Spotlight. We want to give all of you the opportunity to showcase anything you make with our fabrics.

Makers Spotlight logo

Today, we're featuring the fourth winner of this contest and she's saying hello all the way from Helsinki, Finland! Let's give Saija a round of applause for submitting a beautiful quilt made with the lovely floral fabrics from Garden Dreamer by Maureen Cracknell! We had the opportunity of getting to know Saija through a quick interview. Check it out to learn all about her project, the things she loves, and her tip to taking beautiful Instagram pictures. ;)

Garden Dreamer Quilt with seal


1.Hi Saija! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! I’m Saija. I live in Helsinki which is Finland’s capital. It’s nice to live here but I wouldn’t mind to have little bit warmer climate. I have two sons, a daughter and a husband. Our sons have moved to their own apartments but our daughter lives still with us.  My husband and I work in our own grocery store. We have been working together for 25 years and yes, we are still married! Other hobby of mine is running. We have a group of four women and we travel abroad once or twice a year to join running events. I sit a lot when I sew so exercise is a good balance. I also love basketball. My daughter plays and watching her games is the best entertainment in the world.

Saija headshot_square

2. How did you begin sewing/ quilting and what do you love about the craft?

Sewing has been part of my life since I was a kid. In school I chose sewing lessons instead of home economics. When my kids were little I sewed almost all their clothes. About twenty years ago I joined a beginner’s quilting class. After that class I knew quilting is something I really love. Quilting is like therapy to me. It cheers me up when I’m down and brings me a lot of joy. I’m not good at drawing nor painting but with colorful fabrics I can be an artist too. I often give my quilts as presents to my friends and family. There is much more meaning to the gift when you put some effort into it.

3. Can you tell us all about your quilt, the pattern you used and why Garden Dreamer by Maureen Cracknell was perfect for this project?

I used is Emma Jean Jansen’s Rain Drop pattern. It is a very good pattern if you don’t want to cut your beautiful fabrics into tiny pieces. I wanted to make happy and warm looking quilt so Garden Dreamer fabrics were just perfect choice for it. On the fabrics there are small and big flowers and that’s why I call this quilt “Flower rain”. This is a new color combination for me and it looks stylish and modern. I put the quilt on the wall of my sewing room. It looks really good there, even better than in the pictures.

AGF Makers Spotlight_Saija_Quilt

4.We are completely inspired by your instagram account! How would you describe your sewing style and what are some things that inspire you?

I think my sewing style is quite simple, modern and clear. I put a lot of focus on the coloring. Colouring is more important than the pattern. Sometimes I make something very modern but sometimes I feel like to make romantic and petite things. I don’t follow one style strictly but I make things that pleases my eye and feels good in the moment.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, books, magazines and beautiful fabrics. Also instagram community gives a lot of good ideas. I really need more hours to my day to make all the quilts I want to.

5. Besides your amazing quilts and projects, the pictures of them are amazing. Do you have any tips for makers who want to take better photos of their projects?

Thank you! I take photos with a camera and with a phone. I don’t know if I’m the best person to give tips on photography because half of the time I don’t know what I’m doing myself. I take so many pictures that there always has to be at least one good one. For me the most important thing when taking pictures is the lighting. It’s the most challenging thing especially inside and on the dark winter days. If it’s a gray day I take pictures near a window. Usually I take many pictures in different corners and from various angles, then I choose the best one. To take better pictures my advice would be to just start playing with your camera. There is so much to learn of photographing and with hands on work you learn the best.

6. How did you discover AGF and do you have any collection you’re excited to sew with next?

I have admired AGF fabrics for a long time. The quilt fabric selection is very limited in Finland and no one sells AGF fabrics here. I took part to A Spoonful Sugar’s Lisa’s competition and I won a bundle of Amy’s Playground fabrics. Then I really found AGF and truly fell in love with the fabrics. I like all of the collections so it’s hard to pick just one but the soft colors of Ethereal Fusions caught my eye.

I’m looking forward to working with fabrics that I won! Thank you!


I hope you enjoyed getting to know Saija! If you love her work make sure to follow Saija on Instagram at @saija_elinia. Don't forget to share all your projects made with AGF under the hashtag #AGFMakersSpotlight for a chance to win some fabrics and be featured on the blog. We choose the winner the last day of each month. :)

As always, stay creative and thanks for inspiring!


How to make fabric coasters in 10 minutes - easy and fun sewing tutorial - Sew Crafty by AGF

Hello makers!

How is your summer going so far? Here at South Florida the weather switched form extreme heats to rainy and humid aura. For all of those who love sewing this kind of weather is just perfect to immerse in the new creative projects!

Throughout the year you have many friends and family members that you need to give some presents for birthdays, anniversaries or many other occasions. Why not to make those gifts ahead of time, so you don't have to worry about them later on? I have a clever tutorial for you today: fabric coasters that you can make literally in couple minutes. I think set of 4 coasters like that tied with a nice ribbon will make a cute handmade gift. Oh, and if you are going to make them with any boho fabrics from Pat's Bravo newest collection Indie Boheme they gonna be just outstanding;) (Lookbook for that collection will be released soon, so stay tuned!)




Take a look at the video tutorial below:

I hope you loved this quick and easy method of sewing fabric coasters. Play with many fabric collections and make as many coaster sets as you need for gifts throughout the year :)

Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notifications about other sewing tutorials :)

Happy Sewing!


Easy Quilt Block Tutorial- Folded Corners Quilt Block

Hello Makers, 

I am super excited for the new addition to the AGF Quilt Block Collection! Let me introduce you to the Folded Corners Block featuring In Blue fabrics by Katarina Roccella! I love a block that caters to my fussy cutting addiction and this block is it. The cute horse print in this collection was my go to fabric for the center of the block! In this quilt block tutorial we learn to create four at a time flying geese using the no waste method. We also learn to make four at a time half square triangles.These beautiful blue fabrics where such a dream to work with to see more fun free sewing patterns using In Blue fabrics check out the lookbook


Follow along with us by watching the video below! Also to download the PDF pattern with all the written instructions click here!


For more fun sewing videos click here!

In the comments box below let me know what block tutorials you would like to see next! 

Happy Sewing, 


Color of June - Baby Blue starts the new season of AGF Color Fun fabrics series

ColorFun Logo baby blue

Hello color lovers!

I hope that you loved all of our last 12 colors for our Color Fun series. Take a look once again at all of the AGF ColorFun fabric bundles. Don’t they make you daydream of new amazing sewing projects?

All the Color Fun we are having here at AGF doesn't end there! We are starting fresh with new intriguing colors and we are so excited about the new collection of colors that’s coming.

Follow along every month and remember to send pictures of all of the projects you have made with the color of the month to to get a chance to be featured on the AGF blog.:)

We're kick starting the new season of the series with a color that is a refreshing take on signature pastels, the timeless: baby blue. Associated with peace, serenity, and healing this color has a calming effect on the mind. We are so inspired by all the hues of blue fabrics from Katarina's Roccella new collection Inblue, that we just couldn't choose any other color for this month.;) Here is couple of tips on how to use baby blue:

Baby blue fabric in home decor

How about dreamy a pastel look for your home decor? If you mix baby blue with pastel yellows, pinks or greens you are going to achieve dreamy shabby chic interior. You can’t go wrong when mixing baby blue with other pastel fabrics for baby quilts or entire nursery decor. This light color is reminiscent of childhood fun and innocence.

Baby blue fabric in fashion

Baby blue is not reserved only for cute baby nurseries. It is also wonderful in fashion combinations and when contrasted with bold colors can look very stylish. Combine it with analogous colors: emerald green or purple or complementary colors: coral or pink fabrics to achieve sophisticated summer look.:)

If you want to achieve a more classy look combine it with neutrals: black, white or ivory.

Check out the mood board below to get a feel of this delicate color:       


 I hope that we got you in the mood for sewing with this delicate and airy color. Take a look at the curated bundle of fabrics we prepared for baby blue:


Blithe by Katarina Roccella (BLI-75608 Joy Wreaths Ice)

Charleston by Amy Sinibaldi (CHA-41707 Pavilion Teacup)

Drift by Angela Walters (DFT-5305 Island Droplets Sky)

Drift by Angela Walters (DFT-5307 Gemmed Pathways Sea) 

Gossamer by Sharon Holland (GSS-7248 Mirrors and Water)

Indian Summer by Sarah Watson (IS-50012 Shimmer Creek Aqua)

Inblue by Katarina Roccella (INB-36634 Fly Away Laat) /available also in knit/

Lagoom by AGF Studio (LAM-54282 Chads Retreat) /available also in knit/

Skopelos by Katarina Roccella (SK-34607 Crosses Galazio)

Wonderland by Katarina Roccella (WND-1533 Enchanted Leaves Air)





If you are willing to give this color a go, don’t hesitate and enter our Giveaway by filling out the form below:

 Giveaway ends on Friday -  June 8th 2017

(If you wish to buy any of our Color Fun bundles check out Fat Quater shop to find them all;) )



Congrats to  Mary Okruhlik who has won baby blue bundle! Mary please check your email!

Happy sewing with baby blue fabrics!

An homage to the world's favorite color: Inblue by Katarina Roccella

Hey there, makers!

To me it’s so fascinating how each collection our designers release have a special story behind them. Today, the story i’ll focus on is about the color blue, one of the oldest hues in history. This color stemmed from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli and has been used in many art forms for thousands of years. Isn’t that crazy? Who knew something as simple as color could be so significant?

One of the most common art forms that blue was used in was in Dutch delftware (pottery and plates) that consisted of beautiful landscapes and designs. Our designer Katarina Roccella has taken influence from all the lovely blue things out there and has created her latest collection Inblue. This collection plays homage to this historic color and dutch designs.

Personally, Katarina’s collections never cease to amaze me because every print looks like it has a story of it’s own. I’m currently IN LOVE with this table runner made with Inblue fabrics because it shows the essence of delftware beautifully!

In Blue Table Runner 1

But enough of me chatting about history… I invite you to flip through our newest lookbook filled with quilts, garments, cute bags, and so much more! I promise, you won’t feel blue looking at it (pun intended). :D


Don’t forget to download the “Lapis Lazuli” FREE QUILT PATTERN! I’m sure it will add a rich pop of color anywhere you put it.

In Blue Quilt Free 1_new

Not sure what matches with blue? Check out this blender cheat sheet we’ve prepared for you.

Inblue blenders

And now for the best part… Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a bundle of Inblue by Katarina Roccella!

Inblue giveaway

To enter simply fill the form below. Giveaway ends June 8th at 3:00pm. Good luck!


I hope you’ve had fun getting inspired with Inblue fabrics. Stay tuned for the next release!

See ya!


********** GIVEAWAY CLOSED ********

Congrats, Sara Reilly you've won the bundle of Inblue Fabrics! Check your email. :D