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Let's Talk Baby Shower Gifts: Teething Necklace Tutorial

Hello AGF Lovers!

Have you been watching all the fun little projects that we've come up with for our new video series, Sew Crafty?  They're the perfect thing for when you don't have time to quilt, but just want to make a small fabric project as a change of pace.  Many of them are also great scrap-busters! 

Last post I wrote I showed you how to sew a nursing pillow cover as a gift, but today's gift idea could realistically be made in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show! It is actually a variation of the necklace that we featured in this Sew Crafty Video Tutorial

Teething necklace pinterest graphic

Most of the baby shower gifts a new mom to be receives will be for the newborn to 3 month stage.  You are well prepared with clothes and toys for the first few months, but then the baby shower supplies start to dwindle. When my little guy started teething (seemingly overnight!) I was thankfully prepared due to the foresight of someone that had gifted me teethers.

I quickly learned that a chewing baby was a happier baby so I made my own teething necklaces as well so I always had something on hand to soothe baby's little gums.  Why not stand out from the crowd, look a couple months to the future and gift a teething basket featuring some cute teething necklaces? 

Check out the quick Sew Crafty video below and follow my modifications for this simple teething necklace.

Modifications Made From the Video:

  • I used a 3" x Width of Fabric strip in Cotton.  (Make sure fabric has been washed since baby will be placing in his mouth.  I did once in regular detergent and once in baby safe detergent.)
  • I sewed the seam with TWO of reinforced stitching (the triple straight stitch).
  • I looped the fabric around a 2.5" wooden ring I bought on Etsy.
  • I added 5 wooden beads to either side as in the video.
  • I sewed the ends closed together, tucking one end into the other and turning the raw edges in by 1/4"
  • Ta-da! Finished already!

Search your stash for some great necklace-worthy AGF prints.  Here are couple of my favorites chosen from our beautiful Fusions collections:

Recommended Fabric Choices



This guy can't get enough, haha!

Edited to Add: A quick note on safety- I recommend always checking the fabric and stitches for any wear and tear before giving to baby and only letting baby play with this necklace while you're wearing it or under parental supervision.  I feel confident letting my baby chew on this necklace during our outings as it's not one of his heavily used teething toys, but you know your baby best and if you feel it's safest to omit the wooden beads the necklace would still be cute with just the wooden ring and knots.  Another great option would be to use two layers of fabrics when making the fabric loop so that you can feel extra confident while baby gnaws away like no tomorrow. 

Well, that's all for today but I'll be back with more projects from Babyland. 

Until then, Happy Sewing!