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Guide to matching fabric colors using a color wheel!

Hello Makers,

As you know AGF has been featuring one color each month in our ColorFun blog posts series. The current month is dedicated to baby blue fabrics, April was all about fuchsia, on March we featured black and white fabrics, etc. But colors look best when combined, right? Especially, when it comes to mixing and matching colors in our quilts. Sometimes we just follow our gut and everything comes out beautiful, but there are times when we would rather follow some guidelines when combining colors. This is when the color wheel comes to the rescue! :)

Take a look at the Guide below and learn how to use the color wheel to find complementary and analogous colors and have fun choosing fabric for your next sewing and quilting project :)


I hope you like all the tips above. Let us know in comments what colors are you choosing for your next project and what's your method of combining colors so they look just right.  :)