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An homage to the world's favorite color: Inblue by Katarina Roccella
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Color of June - Baby Blue starts the new season of AGF Color Fun fabrics series

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Hello color lovers!

I hope that you loved all of our last 12 colors for our Color Fun series. Take a look once again at all of the AGF ColorFun fabric bundles. Don’t they make you daydream of new amazing sewing projects?

All the Color Fun we are having here at AGF doesn't end there! We are starting fresh with new intriguing colors and we are so excited about the new collection of colors that’s coming.

Follow along every month and remember to send pictures of all of the projects you have made with the color of the month to to get a chance to be featured on the AGF blog.:)

We're kick starting the new season of the series with a color that is a refreshing take on signature pastels, the timeless: baby blue. Associated with peace, serenity, and healing this color has a calming effect on the mind. We are so inspired by all the hues of blue fabrics from Katarina's Roccella new collection Inblue, that we just couldn't choose any other color for this month.;) Here is couple of tips on how to use baby blue:

Baby blue fabric in home decor

How about dreamy a pastel look for your home decor? If you mix baby blue with pastel yellows, pinks or greens you are going to achieve dreamy shabby chic interior. You can’t go wrong when mixing baby blue with other pastel fabrics for baby quilts or entire nursery decor. This light color is reminiscent of childhood fun and innocence.

Baby blue fabric in fashion

Baby blue is not reserved only for cute baby nurseries. It is also wonderful in fashion combinations and when contrasted with bold colors can look very stylish. Combine it with analogous colors: emerald green or purple or complementary colors: coral or pink fabrics to achieve sophisticated summer look.:)

If you want to achieve a more classy look combine it with neutrals: black, white or ivory.

Check out the mood board below to get a feel of this delicate color:       


 I hope that we got you in the mood for sewing with this delicate and airy color. Take a look at the curated bundle of fabrics we prepared for baby blue:


Blithe by Katarina Roccella (BLI-75608 Joy Wreaths Ice)

Charleston by Amy Sinibaldi (CHA-41707 Pavilion Teacup)

Drift by Angela Walters (DFT-5305 Island Droplets Sky)

Drift by Angela Walters (DFT-5307 Gemmed Pathways Sea) 

Gossamer by Sharon Holland (GSS-7248 Mirrors and Water)

Indian Summer by Sarah Watson (IS-50012 Shimmer Creek Aqua)

Inblue by Katarina Roccella (INB-36634 Fly Away Laat) /available also in knit/

Lagoom by AGF Studio (LAM-54282 Chads Retreat) /available also in knit/

Skopelos by Katarina Roccella (SK-34607 Crosses Galazio)

Wonderland by Katarina Roccella (WND-1533 Enchanted Leaves Air)





If you are willing to give this color a go, don’t hesitate and enter our Giveaway by filling out the form below:

 Giveaway ends on Friday -  June 8th 2017

(If you wish to buy any of our Color Fun bundles check out Fat Quater shop to find them all;) )



Congrats to  Mary Okruhlik who has won baby blue bundle! Mary please check your email!

Happy sewing with baby blue fabrics!