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A Guide to Sewing with Voile

Hi everyone!

These past two months have been dedicated to Canvas and Voile fabric! Today I will summarize everything you need to know about Voile in a little graphic I made for you. 

My friend and co-worker Aleksandra shared a video of Mister Domestic talking about Voile. It's very interesting! I invite you to watch the video, you will definitely learn cool tips when sewing with Voile fabric.

Check out this quick guide to sewing with Voile!


Voile graphic

Stay tuned because soon I'll be posting a super cool tutorial you all will love!


Hope you all enjoyed,


Quilting Tips - How to make a Garden Walk Block

Hello Makers, 

Time for a quilt block tutorial! I love the days we release a new fabric collection because I get so excited to share with you tips and tricks to help you in your quilting journey by showing fun and easy quilt blocks to add to your quilting resume! Today we will be making the Garden Walk Block featuring Charleston and Les Petits Fabric. In this video we learn to make four patch and triangle point blocks. This block is a pretty quick sew and the contrast of the red and blue fabrics makes this block pop, which I absolutely love.  



Follow along with us by watching the video below! Also to download the PDF pattern with all the written instructions click here! 


For more fun sewing videos click here!


In the comments box below let me know what block tutorials you would like to see next! 


Happy Sewing, 


Free Baby Quilt Pattern-Checkered Streets Tutorial

Hello Makers, 

I love sewing things for myself but making things for other people is my favorite! Especially for my niece and nephews! Kids are the best to sew for because they will love it no matter what! I was inspired to make a baby quilt using Charleston and Les Petits fabric mixed with smooth denim from the Denim Studio, which has a perfect color palette that works for a baby girl or boy! My nephew is turning one in June and I thought this would make the perfect gift! Click here for the full tutorial! 




Get Captivated with Charleston Fabrics & Les Petits by Amy Sinibaldi

Hello, hello makers!

I hope you’re having a fab week so far! Here at the AGF HQ we’ve been diligently preparing for one of the biggest events of the year, Quilt Market! There’s always something so exciting about being part of a show that’s in a new city every year. You get to see new places, meet new people, and come back home inspired by everything that you’ve seen. One designer that has completely captured this feeling in her art is Amy Sinibaldi with her new collection Charleston, as part of AGF's ANGLES fabric division.

PhAfter a cross country roadtrip Amy ended up in the quaint city of Charleston, South Carolina. She was captivated by the rustic cobblestone streets, the historic architecture, and the city’s staple-pineapples. All these lovely elements have been translated into charming prints that are great for spring sewing. To complement this collection Amy also designed Les Petits fabrics; a cute blender collection with dots, stripes, and gingham to add a special touch to your projects.

Les petits blockI invite you to flip through the lookbook and take a trip to Charleston with us! You’ll find casual garments, delicate quilts, and much more!


Make sure to download the Queen Street FREE QUILT PATTERN! It's sure to add a mesmerizing touch to any bedroom. ;)

Charleston Quilt Free 2

Curious to know what other AGF blenders match this collection? Check out this cheat sheet!

Charleston blendersLast but not least, don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Fill the form below to enter for a chance to win a bundle of Charleston and Les Petits by Amy Sinibaldi.

Giveaway charleston

Giveaway will end May 17th and 3:00pm. Good luck!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the projects we prepared for you! Feel free to let me know in the comments what you love about this collection.



Congrats to Beth Tucker. You have won two featured bundles of Charleston and Les Petits! Please check your email for details on how to receive your prize:)


Happy sewing!




AGF Makers Spotlight Winner: Sherri from @mamidesofiona

Hey everyone!

The time to reveal our latest AGF Makers Spotlight winner is here! As you all know, every time we have to pick a winner it’s extremely difficult because all of your submissions are great. After long deliberation, the chosen winner is Sherri from @mamidesofiona! Let’s give her a warm congrats!

Makers Spotlight logoSherri caught our attention with the blissful summer dress she made for her daughter. We felt that everything from the cute dress pattern, to the fabrics chosen, and the spectacular sunset in the background captured the essence of summer perfectly! To bring this project to life, Sherri used Boardwalk Delight fabrics by Dana Willard and the Molly Dress by Simple Life Pattern Company. We simply wanted to run away from our desks and go to the beach!

April_makers spotlight winner

We had a chance to chat with Sherri to find out about the things that inspire her and how she first ventured into sewing. Check out her interview!


1. Hi Sherri! Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

Hi! Absolutely! I’m a mom of 2 girls and wife to a pretty spectacular guy. I don’t deserve any of them, but because they’ve been given to me, I will make a point to be thankful. The comment is always that we got one mini-me and one mini-he and that’s exactly what I wanted!

I don’t understand the word “bored”. I keep myself very occupied with home-schooling my girls, teaching piano lessons, co-teaching a kids sewing class, I’ve run a few half-marathons and I currently sit in an elected seat on our town council which is funny to me because I do NOT like politics. I do, however, love my town and that’s why I ran for that position. All this is what I do before I squeeze in my sewing time.

I live in a small northern town in Manitoba, Canada about a 12 hr drive north of our capital city (depending on who’s driving.) If I want fabric or even thread I have to wait for the next trip south or be ok with waiting for on-line orders, which is how I get most of my fabrics. It has it’s pros and cons. Because of this on-line shopping I only refer to cuts in yards and not meters like a good Canadian should. When I go to an actual fabric store there has, at times, been confusion.

@mamidesofiona portrait

2. What inspired you to create your project and how does it feel to win the AGF Makers Spotlight contest?

I have to be honest. If I work from inspiration, it wasn’t on purpose. An exception would be the most recent Project Run and Play season that I sewed along with. Because of where I live I simply buy the PDF patterns that intrigue me and the fabrics that I fall in love with and the challenge becomes how to bring the two together knowing I can’t run back to grab an extra yard. For example, this dress by Simple Life Patterns was on my wish list for awhile. I love the collar on the back. This fabric was a no brainer buy for me, but I only had 1 yard cuts so I needed to find the best way to put it together. My sewing partner in crime, Trish, brainstormed with me one day when we were having a sewing day and this is what came out!

How do I feel? A little like it’s not real. Like I should be standing at a podium with my golden spool of thread giving an acceptance speech. And I’ll give the appropriate thanks!!! If it wasn’t for Eleri at Sew and Tell Project I wouldn’t even have know what the AGF Makers Spotlight was! For someone who has only recently joined the on-line sewing community, this is a big deal to me. I am truly excited. 

3. When did you start sewing and what are some of your favorite things about the sewing community?

I started sewing when I was quite young, but can’t remember exactly when. Sewing was just so normal around us. My mom made most of our clothes growing up. Back when it was actually more cost effective! Both my grandmas are extremely talented seamstresses, but in different ways. One Gramma taught me how to quilt and I cherish the quilt we made together before she passed. My other Grandma sewed denim jackets and overalls like nobody’s business! She was a seamstress by trade. On the farm, Grandpa was always wearing a jean jacket made by Grandma.Now she’s a tech savvy Grandma following me on Instagram!! I know she’s proud.

My earliest memory of my own sewing was when I took apart Mom’s drapery sample books and made a couple skirts. I even taught myself how to insert the zipper and that, dear folks, was WAY before YouTube!! Someday I would love to take some classes and develop some of my drafting skills. Being that so much of what I do has been self-taught, I know there must be better ways of doing some things.

When it comes to the online sewing community, I still sit in awe. I feel like the new kid who is just watching and seeing what everyone else is doing. And when someone recognizes my work, I don’t know if they realize how much it means to me. I’ve gained confidence from their kind words and I’ve gained a much larger pattern collection…

April -maker 2

4. Your instagram is filled with beautiful childrens clothes. What do you love about sewing garments?

Yes, it is pretty much clothes, isn’t it? I used to make a lot of bags/purses and the odd time I’ll do something else, but there’s something about seeing my art on someone and seeing how much they enjoy it. Add to that a tremendous sense of satisfaction when I’ve tried something new. I rarely do any pattern twice though it has happened. I just want to keep trying new things.

5. Do you ever do a little selfish sewing for yourself?

I have done sewing for myself and when I think about it  I actually have quite a few pieces by now! I’ve been trying to get a picture of myself for Instagram in a spring coat I made, but I can not handle myself in pictures!!  Especially when I’m asking my daughter to quickly take a picture with my phone before anyone drives by and sees us. It just ends up looking like a well-dressed deer in the headlights. Hence the odd picture of me in a group. Those outfits are probably "me made". I currently have some fabric set aside for a dress for myself. Leather on top and AGF voile “Wandering Lands Mineral” for the bottom. I have no pattern chosen, but I know what I want it to look like. Hopefully I’ll get to it before too long. I do not consider myself a fast sewer so things for me often take the back seat.

6.How did you find out about AGF and what was your first thought when you started sewing with our fabrics?

I first found AGF on Etsy. It was/IS always the fabric that I’m drawn to first. But when I added the rising shipping costs to Canada it would come out of my cart. Except somewhere along the line I slipped up and bought some. And now I’m hooked. There just something about it. From the gorgeous colours and designs to the feel and knowing that the clothes I make with AGF seriously do last longer.

The biggest impact on me was the first time I made anything with the knits. I had huge disasters when trying to sew knits before that. Really bad. And knits are one of the most difficult fabrics to buy online since you really need to feel it. Now I know that if I find AGF knits I know it’ll be what I want and will stand up to lots of runs through the wash. I did see just last week that there’s a new collection by @maureencracknell and I can hardly wait!!

Thanks again, so much, for all of this. I can’t wait to see what comes in the mail. That never gets old.


I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Sherri. To see more of her wonderful creations make sure to follow her at @mamidesofiona on Instagram. Make sure to keep sharing your projects under the hashtag #AGFmakersspotlight for a chance to win a bundle of fabrics and a feature here on the blog. 


Till next time!



Join us at Spring Quilt Market 2017 in St. Louis

Hey there, makers!

There’s that time of spring that sewing professionals live for… Do you know what it is? It’s Quilt Market! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Quilt Market is a trade show where industry professionals such as fabric companies, pattern makers, and notions distributors get together to sell to local and online quilt shops. This is the time where shops get to see all the new products that are coming out for the season while stocking up on your favorite fabric collections!

Quitl market banner  facebook

We want everyone to be part of this event so we’re bringing the show to you! From Friday, May 19th - Sunday, May 21st we’ll be live streaming on Facebook. Stay tuned for interviews with our designers, tours of our booth, fun antics with Mister Domestic, and much more! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram also for a day full of stories and behind the scenes (especially during the booth set up).

We are going live quilt con 2

If you’re a shop/ business owner who will be attending the show, make sure to pass by booth #2929 to create a charity quilt with us! Yes, that’s right we’ll be making a quilt during the three days at Quilt Market! Whether you make a block or just do a few stitches with the wonderful sewing machines Bernina is providing us, anything counts.

We hope you’re just as excited as us to join the Quilt Market fun! Stay tuned!