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Spring Quilt Market 2017 Recap: Part I

Hello fabulous makers! 

It’s incredible how it’s already been a week since we got back from Quilt Market! As always, it was great to spend time with our designers, see our beautiful display ideas come to life, and meet so many makers and shop owners who love AGF. This year’s Spring Quilt Market booth theme was all about the upcoming Fusions combined with our love for EPP.


The inner walls featured our new Reverie, Spices, Bachelorette, and Woodlands Fusions and we had an epic entrance with a giant EPP mandala. YES… we made giant EPP shapes! But the real fun took place in our EPP party booth where our Sewcialite, a.k.a. Mister Domestic invited people to sew a charity quilt with him (stay tuned on the blog for a post with the final quilt).  


But wait until you see what our designers did to show off their beautiful new fabric collections! Since there’s so much to see, we’re going to start with three designers and later this week we’ll show you the other three. So, let’s begin!

  Quilt market recap part 1


Inblue by Katarina Roccella

The artistic Katarina Roccella displayed her upcoming collection Inblue. Although, she couldn’t attend the show she was there with us in spirit! Katarina took us on an adventure to Holland with her Delftware inspired designs sewn into cute hot air balloons, quilts, and bags.

To learn more about Katarina watch her interview.


Indie Boheme by Pat Bravo

Pat Bravo showcased her love for bohemian style with her Indie Boheme booth. Rich tones, flowy garments, and striking quilts filled the walls while homey decor items accentuated the essence of her collection.

To learn more about Pat watch her interview.


Soulful by Maureen Cracknell

Maureen Cracknell’s Soulful wall brought us peace and serenity. Her wall was decorated with a delicately lit canopy surrounded by feminine garments, artful pillows, a dream catcher, and cozy quilts. Maureen definitely put soul into her wall!

To learn more about Maureen watch her interview.


I hope you all enjoyed part 1 of our Spring Quilt Market recap. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2, coming soon! Feel free to let us know in the comments what you loved about these booths. :)


Till next time!




Stash's Art Gallery Remix Curated by Mister Domestic

Hey there, makers!

It’s already been a few days since we got back from Quilt Market and we’re reminiscing over all the fun we had! Especially, since our AGF Sewcialite, Mister Domestic attended Quilt Market with us for the first time! To see what a blast we had with Mathew, check out all the interviews he hosted with our designers on Facebook.

Since we’re on the subject of Mister Domestic (because he’s always fun to talk about :D), I’m excited to share a new collab between Mathew, Stash Fabrics, and AGF. Stash Fabrics is re-introducing the Art Gallery Remix! You’re probably wondering what an Art Gallery Remix even means… Well, let me start from the beginning.

Stash Art Gallery Fabrics Remix

A year ago Mister Domestic participated in Stash’s Design Star competition. Popular bloggers and makers were asked to curate fabric bundles with a variety of prints and people were able to vote for their favorites. Since Mister Domestic is all #AGFforLife he curated all his bundles with AGF and ended up winning the competition. Cool, right?!

Stash loved everything that Mathew put together that they invited him to curate all the bundles of their AGF Remix Club. Each month he’ll curate an AGF bundle with 16 prints for everyone to have fun mixing and matching prints!

Here’s how to be part of the club:

  1. You can sign up to receive a Fat Quarter Bundle for $39.50/month + shipping
  2. OR You can sign up to receive a Half Yard Bundle for $69.50/month + shipping

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? To get the whole scoop about the AGF Remix Club visit the Stash Fabrics website. To receive the bundle from the first month, make sure to sign up before June 10th. Bundles will be arriving at your door by mid June. :D


Happy Sewing!



Interview with Katarina Roccella - Get to know about creative life of one of our talented designers!

Hello Crafty friends!

Today, we want you to get know one of our amazing fabric designers - Katarina Roccella! We are sure you are familiar with her creative work and that you love the winter fabrics from Blithe collection, the panda fabric prints from Pandalicious, and all the amazing florals from her Lavish collection. (See all of the collections of Katarina here). If you love her work you will definitely become an even bigger fan of her newest collection: Inblue. Stay tuned for the lookbook release that's coming very soon! :)

For now, enjoy the interview we did with Katarina when she was our guest at the AGF Headquarters. We has so much fun spending time with her. She inspires us in so many ways with her joy and creativity! <3


 Click below to watch the video. :)



Wasn't that fun? If you would like to get to know some of our other designers, make sure to flip through our lookbooks to find an exclusive interview with every collection that's released (starting with Here Comes the Fun by Sew Caroline). Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite collection by Katarina and what you love the most about her design style.

Happy Sewing!


A year filled with amazing experiences & co-workers whom I call friends now.

Howdy makers!

This post is to say goodbye because I'll be leaving AGF to pursue my Master's degree in Design and Media Management. It's been a sentimental week because I'm going to miss working around so many creative people and great designers but I know it's for the best and this will help me grow and open the doors to big opportunities! It's been a year since I started working at AGF! (Pheew, time flies!) I'm happy to have shared so many moments and it's been a year of personal growth. Working at AGF has been amazing from my awesome coworkers to all the things that I learned! It's been a crazy year filled with new experiences and new friends, of course. I would like to thank everyone for making me feel part of the big AGF family. Since the first day, you all were so nice and kind to me! Special thanks to Stephanie (my supervisor and mentor) this wouldn't have been possible without you by my side (literally). 

Before I go, I would like to show you guys the best projects I made while working at AGF! 

  Last post!

I made so many cool things that it would be impossible to tell you about all of them, that's why I made this little graphic to share with you the most remarkable ones. I had so much fun collaborating to the creative blog that I even found out I love writing! Well, I'm pretty sure the AGF Girls will definitely keep you posted with all the new stuff that's coming!  Oh.. and let me tell you a little secret. The new upcoming collections are the BOMB so stay tuned for more information! :)  

Here are the links to my projects in case you never had the chance to see them!

No sew blanket tutorial

 No sew coaster tutorial

Kimono tutorial

Keychain tutorial 

Observer fabrics dress

Heart pillow tutorial

Sleep eye mask tutorial

Printable to do list


I hope you all enjoyed.

Lots of love, 


Amazing source of free quilt patterns - Download hundreds of quilt patterns for free on the AGF consumer website!

Hello Quilt lovers!

Today we want to put a spotlight on the AGF collection of free quilt patterns, where you can find lots of easy quilt patterns that are designed especially for beginners, along with projects that are more challenging. If you haven't been taking advantage of this source yet, you are missing out so much! Are you looking for baby quilt patterns, modern quilt patterns, traditional quilt patterns or maybe you just want to get inspired? Then visit one of the most amazing free quilt patterns sources online and start planning your next quilting project! Take a look below at some of the examples of quilt patterns we designed just for you!


You have to admit that the selection is pretty impressive and what's even better, it's constantly growing! Every time when we release a new collection we add a new quilt pattern to the website! Make sure to visit often so you don't miss out on new patterns!  Check out the video below where we are featuring 5 quilt patterns and techniques you will learn when making them!


Let us know in the comment section which of the patterns you, in particular, felt in love with  ;)

Happy quilting!



DIY Tutorial - How to make a kimono with Voile fabric

Hello fabric lovers!

I hope you guys are doing great. Today I'm really happy to show you a cool tutorial I made for you. It's a DIY Tutorial where you will learn how to make a very simple but super cute Voile Kimono. I decided to use Voile fabric because here in South Florida the weather is getting very warm and Voile is perfect for a summer outfit! My favorite thing about this Kimono is that is very easy to make (I promise!)   Untitled-2

 Now, let's watch the video!

PS: The collection used for this projects was: Bountiful Fabrics by Sharon Holland!


I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial!

Lots of love,