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A year filled with amazing experiences & co-workers whom I call friends now.

Howdy makers!

This post is to say goodbye because I'll be leaving AGF to pursue my Master's degree in Design and Media Management. It's been a sentimental week because I'm going to miss working around so many creative people and great designers but I know it's for the best and this will help me grow and open the doors to big opportunities! It's been a year since I started working at AGF! (Pheew, time flies!) I'm happy to have shared so many moments and it's been a year of personal growth. Working at AGF has been amazing from my awesome coworkers to all the things that I learned! It's been a crazy year filled with new experiences and new friends, of course. I would like to thank everyone for making me feel part of the big AGF family. Since the first day, you all were so nice and kind to me! Special thanks to Stephanie (my supervisor and mentor) this wouldn't have been possible without you by my side (literally). 

Before I go, I would like to show you guys the best projects I made while working at AGF! 

  Last post!

I made so many cool things that it would be impossible to tell you about all of them, that's why I made this little graphic to share with you the most remarkable ones. I had so much fun collaborating to the creative blog that I even found out I love writing! Well, I'm pretty sure the AGF Girls will definitely keep you posted with all the new stuff that's coming!  Oh.. and let me tell you a little secret. The new upcoming collections are the BOMB so stay tuned for more information! :)  

Here are the links to my projects in case you never had the chance to see them!

No sew blanket tutorial

 No sew coaster tutorial

Kimono tutorial

Keychain tutorial 

Observer fabrics dress

Heart pillow tutorial

Sleep eye mask tutorial

Printable to do list


I hope you all enjoyed.

Lots of love,