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You can create many squares with just one Fat Quarter!

Hi makers!

Did you know that from just ONE FAT QUARTER you can create 99 squares? YEAH! 99 squares... With the excitement of making a new project, sometimes it's easy to just cut through the fabric and waste some of it. I can relate to this because when you are a beginner it's hard to pay attention to those little things. Before, the most important thing to me was just to cut and get the project done. Now, that I'm learning more and more about sewing and quilting I'm trying to be more careful about cutting in a way that the fabric will last longer.

Last week I was reading some articles and I stumbled upon one that explained how many squares you can cut from a fat quarter and I found it very very interesting. So I decided to make another little graphic for you to pin or save it to your computer! I hope you find it helpful and that you're able to maximize the times you can use your favorite prints.

Let's take a look: Fat quarter chart

Very cool and interesting, right?  If you guys have more ideas that I could make into graphics I would really love to read them! Let me know in the comments. ;)

I hope you all enjoyed,