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Mister Domestic's experience with AGF voile - Let's Talk Fabric by AGF

Hola all Makers!

I hope you have wonderful Spring so far and you are excited about all those flowy and light dresses you are going to sew this season!  Here at AGF HQ we want you to know as much of our fabric substrates as possible. Check out all the fabric types we carry. Today in our "Let's talk fabric series" Mister Domestic talks about Volie fabric - the substrate which is ideal for spring and summer sewing. 

If you want to know more about Voile, stay tuned  for the next blog post that Caro prepared for you. She will share with you all the tips on sewing with Voile and lots of patterns perfect for this airy fabric. For now enjoy the video of our Sewcialite Mister Domestic. I hope it will inspire you to make wonderful things with Voile!



If you are interested to see a ready project that Mister Domestic made with Voile - check out this cute dress he made with Playground Collection by Amy Sinibaldi.

Don't forget to check out our other "Let's talk fabrics" videos on AGF Youtube channel ;)




Please let us know in comments if you have any questions about this substrate! We will be happy to answer to all of them.


Happy sewing :)