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Explore the Beauty of the Midwest with Bountiful Fabrics

Sharon Holland Shares Inspiration For Bountiful Fabrics

Hey there, makers!

It’s been a busy week here at the AGF HQ! We’ve been diligently preparing for our next lookbook release. Can you guess what it is? If you thought of Bountiful by Sharon Holland you’re right! This collection has been so much fun to work with because Sharon has made us take a trip to the Midwest with the earthy prints in this collection.


With every collection that our designers make, it’s always interesting to hear the stories that drive them to create their artistic bodies of work. We recently had the opportunity to meet with Sharon to talk about the inspiration behind her new fabric collection, Bountiful and we are blown away. I invite you, watch her interview and learn about the beautiful story behind Bountiful.

Isn’t it inspiring to know the thought process that went to every print?! I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with Sharon Holland and that you’re excited to sew with Bountiful. Stay tuned for the Lookbook coming soon!

Happy sewing!