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EQ Stash 2017 Download 1

Hello wonderful makers! 

I have a little news to share… For those of you who are fans of the quilt design software Electric Quilt 7, there’s something new for you! EQ recently released the first 2017 download of EQ Stash Online. In this newest download you’ll be able to play with tons of AGF collections scanned to scale to plan your next quilt designs.  

EQ 7 2017 blog graphic_downlaod1

Explore some of our upcoming releases and get ready to design beautiful quilts this spring with EQ7 and AGF!

To learn more about EQ Stash Online visit the Electric Quilt website.


Happy quilting!



Substrates we carry in AGF!

Hello my dear makers!

We are constantly receiving emails or private messages on Facebook asking what's the fabric weight or what are the substrates that we carry, etc.. So I decided to make this post in order to clear any doubts you guys have concerning our fabric! Let's check it out!

Fabric weight


You can now print it or save it to your computer so you can always have this friendly reminder with you! I hope you find this helpful when exploring some our fabrics and working with them. :)

Talk to you soon,



Seam Finishes

Hi makers!

As I promised, here is the third graphic about the sewing stitches. If you have been following along my posts you probably already have the sewing machine stitches and hand stitches graphics with you! I encourage you to save these graphics for easy access. You can either download the image or pin it to your sewing board! This way you will be able to remember those little things you sometimes forget! 

So what exactly is a seam? It's a method of joining two pieces of fabric by a row of stitching. Remember, that seams should be as flat as possible!

Important: this graphic contains just some of the seam finishes you can do. Nevertheless, i hope you find these helpful. :)


I hope you all enjoyed,


Happy International Women's Day!

Hello fabulous sewists!

Today, I’m here to say Happy International Women’s Day! This beautiful holiday was adopted by the United Nations in 1977 “to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities”. This is a great time to say thank you to all the wonderful women out there that work hard everyday, give love to their families, and manage to make time for themselves to achieve their dreams! We encourage you to share love and support to all the amazing women in your life.

Womens day graphic

To me, it’s always so empowering to know that there have been tons of women who have made so many advances in science, the arts, and humanity! Here at a AGF we’re proud to say, that the majority of the team is made up of talented women. From our beautiful designers, to our design, production, and marketing departments; we all share our love for creativity and fabrics with all of you! We hope our work is able to inspire you and empower you to do all the things you’re passionate about.


Lots of love to all of our sewing sisters!



P.S. To learn more about International Women’s Day check out the UN’s website.

Culcita Subscription Box with Take Shape

Hey fabric lovers!

If you love receiving happy mail with your favorite modern fabrics, there’s a new subscription service you’ll love! Fabric lovers, meet Culcita (kul-see-tah, the Latin origin of the word "quilt")! This fabric subscription focuses on modern fabric bundles featuring 12 prints from a full collection along with two crafty write-in-your-name fabric labels, and a yummy fortune cookie with a quilty message.


In addition, to offering ¼ yd, ½ yd, and fat quarter bundle boxes, they have bag and quilt kits! How cool is that? One other product that I think is great for sewists of all levels is their “Improve your skills kits” that expand your quilting skills on foundation paper piecing, piecing curves, English paper piecing and needle turn appliqué. :O

I’m happy to announce that March’s box features one of our Capsules collections, Take Shape! This collection is all about trendy geometrics on minimal backgrounds for all kinds of modern sewing. What a better way of trying out all the prints than by subscribing to Culcita?


The lovely Culcita team is excited to hear what you think! If you would like to receive this month’s lovely box of fabrics, make sure to sign up before March 10th with the offer code ARTGALLERY17 for 10% off your first box. Yay!


To learn more about Culcita visit their website.


Happy Sewing!


Quiltcon 2017 Recap

Hey there, quilty friends!

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous! Believe it or not, it’s already been a week since we came back from Quiltcon in Savannah, GA! Time went by so fast, and I must admit that the girls and I spent the whole week talking about how fun this event hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild was.


It’s been a lot of fun to reminisce about the amazing crowd! It was so humbling to hear everyone’s love for AGF and to see the excitement on people’s faces when they won goodies at our booth.


And... for those people who were being introduced to AGF for the first time, they had a treat when the got to “feel the difference” of our fabrics. 😉


We created a quick video recap to summarize the highlights of the show. We hope you’ll feel like you were there with us. Enjoy!

What did you think? Let me know in the comments if you attended Quiltcon and what were your favorite parts of the show. 😁


Till next time,