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National Quilting Day 2017

Hey there, quilty friends!

Did you know that March 18th is National Quilting Day? Yes, you read that right! This is an important day for all of us quilting enthusiasts! In 1991, the National Quilt Association declared this special day to inspire people to take on this beautiful craft and to encourage makers to share their love for quilting with everyone. Every year this day takes place on the third Saturday of March and this year it's March 18th.


So, in the spirit of all things quilting, here are a few fun facts about quilts!


  • The word "quilt" comes from the Latin word culcita which means a stuffed sack, but it was adapted to the English language from the French word cuilte.

  • During American Colonial times, quilts were know to be predominantly wholecloth quilts. Later on, pieced and applique quilts began to appear between the 1170-1800 period.


During the late 20th Century, art quilts began to gain popularity for their aesthetic and artistic qualities rather than for functionality. These quilts were hung on walls rather than used on beds.


For more fun facts, check out this awesome blog post my friend Caro made (psst, you can pin the graphic). I hope you’re excited to celebrate National Quilting Day! Grab your friends and start a new quilt from one of our free patterns, work on your UFO’s, and make sure to visit your local quilt shop to see how they’re celebrating. 😉

Happy Quilting!



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