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How to sew a bunny bib? - Sew Crafty Easter sewing tutorial

Hello all makers!

Today I have s special project to share with you. Have you been following our Sew Crafty video series? I hope you have! If not you must catch up quickly! ;) In this video-tutorial I want to inspire you to make a cute bunny bib. I find this project just perfect! And here is why...

First of all I am a total bunny lover (read freak)! 2 years ago I found in the park a little black bunny, I took him home and he became an awesome part of my family. Spock - that's his name - is the most adorable little, fluffy, happy pet you can imagine. ;) <3

Around Easter time people very often buy bunnies for their kids. Unfortunately kids get bored quickly or simply don't know how to take a proper care of their rabbits. As a result lots of bunnies are being dumped in the parks after Easter. :( It's so sad, but it happens! So if you'll ever want to have a bunny, consider adopting one from local shelter. There is thousands of bunnies that need a loving home!


Ok! coming back to the project and why I find it so perfect. ;) Well, of course Easter is coming and this project is just ideal for this time of the year. It would make a perfect gift for a baby girl (or if you want to make it for a boy, just skip the fussy cut flower part in the video) ;)

Last but not least I am mommy-to-be and I made this project thinking of my little girl. What an awesome feeling it was to make something for her already, and imagine how cute she's going to look wearing this bib! <3 <3

I used fabrics from Bountiful collection by Sharon Holland and I simply love how they coordinate with each other. To download bunny bib pattern click here.

I hope you will enjoy this quick tutorial...




Happy Sewing!