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Different uses for canvas fabric - Mister Domestic's tips about AGF substrate - AGF Let's Talk Fabric

Hello all makers!

Let’s talk about canvas! This sturdy yet soft AGF substrate is perfect for the kind of sewing project that requires more durable and sturdy fabric. Have you ever tried to renovate your furniture by changing the upholstery fabric? It’s so much fun and we encourage you to do so! Among our wide selection of designs you will surely find prints that match your home decor. AGF Canvas is also perfect for garments and fashion accessories because it's great for projects that need more structure while feeling soft against you skin. How about sewing jackets, dresses, pants, bags or backpacks with this versatile fabric?

If you need some tips on how to sew with canvas, check out the video below where our AGF sewcialite, Mister Domestic shares his experience on sewing with this substrate. Get inspired with the projects you can make and get ready to think outside the box when sewing with canvas!



We hope you enjoyed  the video and you start falling in love with this substrate. Here is some more tips on how to sew with canvas on your home sewing machine:

  • Use a longer stitch length than for quilting cotton (a good length will be between 2.0-2.2). The stitch will look nice and will also make it easier to sew through multiple layers.
  • Use a thicker needle ( the best thickness would be 100/16 or 110/18 Jeans needle). If the needle is too thin it may break.
  • The thread we recommend to use for canvas is 28 WT Aurifil thread, which is strong and works perfectly on home sewing machines.
  • When pinning two layers of canvas together, use sturdier pins or use fabric clips instead.


Stay tuned for our series of blog posts where we will be sharing patterns that you can use to make projects with canvas fabric.

I hope you will have an awesome time discovering possibilities of AGF Canvas.

Happy sewing (with canvas;))!