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Sewing Machine Stitches

Hey there!

As you all know I'm always posting learning materials because who doesn't love to learn or remember interesting things? I personally love learning new things! Here at AGF HQ we always say "everyday you learn something new" and I think it is so true! It's incredible how you get to learn or understand so many things in so little time.

Especially, when your friends or coworkers are from different parts of the world. Today, I started researching about the different types of stitches and I found lots of interesting information! Since I love making infographics I decided to narrow down the information I found in this cute graphic!  My favorite thing about infographics is that you can print them out and have them wherever is convenient for you!  Infograph

I hope you guys find good use for this infographic about sewing stitches.


Talk to you soon!