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Printable to do list!

New year, new beginnings! Am I Right? Well, did you already write down your goals for this year? If not, it's time to do it! One of the best things in life is feeling that you accomplished everything you wanted to! For example last year my main goals where to graduate and find a good job and I worked hard for both things. I accomplished those two things I wanted to and now i'm extremely happy to be sharing tons of ideas with all of you.

The way I was able to accomplish my goals was by organizing myself. I would always put reminders in my phone for the things that I had to do each day. I also had a "to-do list" on my fridge so every morning I would wake up and open the fridge, I would read the things that I had pending for that day. I think sometimes we need a little push and we don't really have to wait for a sign or even help, we just have to make it happen! I wanted to help you accomplish your goals so I made this cute printable to-do list so you can finish all those unfinished sewing projects!

Click here to download

To do list 2nd mock up

 The design of this printable to do list was inspired by Wonderful things fabrics by Bonnie Christine. 


I hope you guys will accomplish all your goals for 2017!