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Pinterest for Makers

Hey Makers!

I hope everyone has been able to start 2017 with tons of creativity! I know I am! I got an iPad for my birthday and I already started sketching out ideas for all kinds of craft projects. One app I can’t live without when I’m planning things is Pinterest. Their slogan is “the world’s catalog of ideas” and it’s so true!

Pinterest denim

As makers, it’s important to keep our ideas and inspirations organized so that we don’t get overwhelmed during the process. In addition, Pinterest is a great way to show people your interests, style, and your work. You can do this by “curating” boards with themes that are important to you. By organizing your ideas and interests on Pinterest you’ll find like-minded people that enjoy what you do and want to “re-pin” your posts.

If you don’t know what to pin, here are a few boards that inspire me from the AGF Pinterest account:

Love of Color

Love of color board

Sometimes it can be difficult to combine the right colors for a new quilt or home décor project. To prevent yourself from making a color combo mistake, it’s always great to have a board with colors you love. There are ton’s of color stories available for you to choose from and you’ll even find combinations you never thought of! I personally, love this board because it helps me decide what colors to choose for our curated bundles.

Quotes We Love

Quotes we love board

There are days when we want to share something silly or simply laugh. This is why we put together a board with some of our favorite quotes designed with a little AGF twist. If you’re the kind of person who loves inspirational quotes, Pinterest is a great place to find them. You can make a board with all your favorite sayings and it can become your inspirational sanctuary.

Mini Quilt Mania

Mini Quilt Board

Another great way of finding inspiration is by gathering projects other makers have made. This will allow you to see new techniques that you can use in your projects. I personally love the simplicity of mini quilts, but you can make a board dedicated to whatever projects you like to make. For example pillows, garments, bags, etc.

I hope you feel inspired to organize your Pinterest account for 2017! Feel free to visit the AGF Pinterest account for more ideas. Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite thing about this social network?

Happy Pinning!