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5 sewing patterns that look great in Navy Blue - AGF color of January

Hello creative friends!

How do you like the color of January? I always loved Navy blue because it’s so classy and I can wear it instead of black as a base color. I am excited to share with you couple of projects made with some of the the navy fabrics featured in the navy blue ColorFUN blog post. So let’s get started…

  1. Isla’s Infinity tunic

This white and navy fabric print from Arizona collection by April Rhodes is extremely versatile. Don’t you think it goes perfectly with those peachy leggings? Also it’s made with AGF knits so it’s the softest in the world. ;)What I especially love about this pattern is an adorable heart shaped cutout in the back. Check out the pattern page to see it.

(Thank you Eleri from Sew & Tell project for submitting this cool tunic:) )

AGF Tomahawk Stripe


2.7391 Misses' Laced or Split-Neck Top

This loose-fitting shirt looks great in this navy blue dragonfly fabric print from Nightfall by Maureen Cracknell. I especially love the neck band. You can make it more loose for more casual look or tighter for a more professional look.


3.Essential Tank

This tank is an absolute must have item in your closet! The pattern has lots of options! You can make a tunic, above knee dress or a maxi dress!  The pattern is pretty simple so to make and it will look even more flattering if you choose gorgeous fabric print like this navy blue floral knit fabric from Sketchbook collection by Sharon Holland:)

The dress was also submitted by Eleri from Sew & Tell Project. Thank you!

AGF Sketchbook Submission

  1. Misses' Racerback Tent Dresses

Here is something for all of those who love to feel girly and comfy at the same time! The high-low hem makes this dress so unique and the navy blue floral fabric from Playground collection by Amy Sinibaldi adds a cute girly touch.

(Thank you Caitlin Polden for submitting this cool tunic dress:) )


5. Craftsy Dress Sewing Pattern 4282

Last but not least we want to feature this cute dress pattern. The navy blue fabric print from Tapestry collection by Sharon Holland looks like it was embroidered with little flowers. I am loving it:)

ArtGalleryFabrics_Tapestry_Dress - Stitchery_1

Take a look once again at the prints featured in our January Colorfun edition. Did you know that you can get all the ColorFun bundles at Fat Quater Shop? What colors in your opinion should we add to the collection? I hope that you love this navy blue Colorfun bundle. :) Stay tuned for the next one! ( I know what that’s going to be already and can't wait to share it with you! )


Happy navy sewing :)


Boxy Travel Pouch Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

How is your week going? The weekend is almost here and I don't know about you but it seems to be the only time I can set some time for me to sew. Recently I been playing around with Garden Dreamer fabric and our Crosshatch Denim and made this great Boxy Travel Pouch! I love that it's the perfect size to fit everything I need. I want to make a few for myself in different fabrics and a few as gifts. It makes life easier when you have great homemade gifts made a head of time so you aren't running around like a crazy person when someones birthday pops up. I have been known to do this and then get so stressed out and end up buying a gift for them instead. One of my new year resolutions is to make more gifts then I buy.


Click here to get the full tutorial of the Boxy Travel Pouch!    




Join the Sewing Hunt!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re having an awesome day! Today, I’m super excited to tell you about a fun activity we’re going to be part of. Our friends at Up Craft Club are hosting a huge online scavenger hunt for two weeks filled with prizes! You’re probably wondering, “how does this work”?Join the Hunt main_2First, you’ll have to register for the hunt on the Up Craft Club website. Once you’re registered, the dashboard will show you all the sponsors participating along with hints where you can find the sewing hunt logo on the websites. Since we’re one of the sponsors, you’ll be able to explore the AGF website. Once you find the logo you’ll be entered for a chance to win these beautiful bundles!

Blithe and Garden Dreamer Bundle
Blithe by Katarina Roccella and Garden Dreamer by Maureen Cracknell

But the prizes don’t stop there! You can even win a SEWING MACHINE! The hunt will start on January 23rd, so get ready. To learn more about this fun online scavenger hunt, visit the Up Craft Club website.

Happy Hunting!




Quilt sizes graphic!

Hello my dearest makers!

I'm back with another useful info graphic as I promised! I'm glad some of you found the Yardage fabric graphic very helpful! Today, I will show you the most popular quilt sizes. Sometimes there's moments we can't visualize how some quilt sizes look compared to others, so this chart will help you decide how big you want to sew your quilt. This chart is perfect to have it in your sewing room for your upcoming projects! If you guys have any other ideas for more informational charts you would like to collect, let me know in the comments! 

Here it is! 


Quilt sizes

I hope you all find this helpful!


Lots of love,




DIY fabric necklace tutorial - Sew Crafty - new video series

Hello all makers!

Today I am excited to introduce a new series of videos we are going to be preparing for you. It's called SEW CRAFTY and it will consist of quick projects, tips and tricks that are helpful for all creatives out there. We know that sometimes you just need that sparkle of inspiration to make a new project. Sew Crafty videos will inspire you and also show you techniques that you can easily implement in your every day creative process. We hope that you are going to love it!


For a good start of the series I have prepared an easy fabric necklace tutorial that you can make in less than 30 minutes. The fabric I chose is a knit from the  Dare collection by Pat Bravo. It's called "Opt Out Of Par" and I love its modern feel! The only supplies you will need for this project are: a long strip of knit fabric and the beads. Don't forget that knits require a zig zag stitch so the seams wont rip! :)



Let us know what you think about this new video series and what would you like to see next.:)

Have a wonderful creative weekend!



Printable to do list!

New year, new beginnings! Am I Right? Well, did you already write down your goals for this year? If not, it's time to do it! One of the best things in life is feeling that you accomplished everything you wanted to! For example last year my main goals where to graduate and find a good job and I worked hard for both things. I accomplished those two things I wanted to and now i'm extremely happy to be sharing tons of ideas with all of you.

The way I was able to accomplish my goals was by organizing myself. I would always put reminders in my phone for the things that I had to do each day. I also had a "to-do list" on my fridge so every morning I would wake up and open the fridge, I would read the things that I had pending for that day. I think sometimes we need a little push and we don't really have to wait for a sign or even help, we just have to make it happen! I wanted to help you accomplish your goals so I made this cute printable to-do list so you can finish all those unfinished sewing projects!

Click here to download

To do list 2nd mock up

 The design of this printable to do list was inspired by Wonderful things fabrics by Bonnie Christine. 


I hope you guys will accomplish all your goals for 2017!