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There is something magical about Christmas colors. Red - the color of Holly Berries and Green - the color of Christmas trees. They make together a combination that makes us feel warm and cozy and reminds us of amazing moments spent with our loved ones during the Holiday time.

That’s why for December we curated a bundle which consist of red and green fabric prints that are just perfect for the Holiday season.

So what’s the story behind this color combination?

Green - is the color that represents life, nature, peace, and the hope for the future. In medieval times Christmas trees were used in theatrical plays and symbolized the Garden of Eden. They were usually decorated with fruits. Slowly they started appearing in churches and later in homes. This is how green became a significant Christmas color.

Red- the color red originated from red apples hung on the paradise tree, the red holly berries, and of course let’s not forget Santa’s robe is red.:) Even if it’s cold outside the red color keeps us warm. Also, there is no other plants like poinsettia that captivate our attention during winter time with its red leaves. 

There is so many amazing things you can make with the fabrics we have prepared for you for this ColorFun holiday edition. Starting with ornaments for your Christmas tree, table runners for the Holiday table, and of course warm Christmas quilts.:) Possibilities are endless!

We have prepared for you an inspirational board to get you into the Holiday mood. Check it out:


Ready, set, go! Grab those prints from your favorite online fabric stores and start your holiday sewing!  Here is 10 fabric prints we chose for this special holiday edition of ColorFun. We hope you will have lots of fun sewing with them!

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Blithe by Katarina Roccella ( BLI-75610 Evergreens Frozen)

Chalk and Paint by Sew Caroline (CHP-50202 Writings on Boards)

Floral Elements (FE 514 Hibiscus)

Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine (HOL-36656 Blossom Drift Roseate)

Heartland by Pat Bravo (HRT-85303 Pinetre Daybreak)

Littlest by AGF studio (LT-10038 Teensy Weensy Pine)

Nightfall by Maureen Cracknell (NTF-67902 Mystical Woods Lunar)

Prisma Elements (PRE-805 Passion Garnet)

Recollection by Katarina Roccella (RCL-707 Fairisle Hearts Turkois-new)

Wild and Free by Maureen Cracknell (WFR-143 Crimson Dance)

So what do you think? Do you like this selection. If you have ever sewn with these prints send us the picture of your project to and get a chance to be featured in the next blog post were we will gather a couple of projects made with these prints.



There is never enough giveaways during the Holiday season. That's why we want one person to become the lucky winner of this bundle. Just fill out the form below to participate in the giveaway. Good luck!

Happy Holiday sewing!



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