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No Sew - Tassel Key Chain Tutorial

Hello hello!

Garden Dreamer fabrics by Maureen Cracknell has definitely stolen my heart. I LOVE all the prints! They are simply exquisite! I'm always looking for little projects I can make in less than an hour, so I get the chance to use all the beautiful fabrics we have here. :) Today, you will learn how to make a tassel key chain. Yay! What I like about this project is that it looks super cute when it's done and you can make it in a few minutes. Another thing that I like is that it is a kids friendly project because you don't need to sew it! For this project I used Garden Dreamer fabrics and our Floral elements!

Well, enough talk. Let's get to work!



  • 1 piece of Fabric 12'' x 4'' inch

  • Scissors or rotary cutter

  • Hot glue

  • Key ring

  • Embroidery thread


1- Create a 6 inch long braid with the embroidery thread, you can make this braid as thick as you want. I braided 6 threads for the ones that I made.


2- Mine was a little long so I cut it where you see the knot in the middle. After your braid, loop it through the key ring.


3- Fold the fabric you chose and the cut fringes with the scissor or rotary cutter. I used the scissors but if you want to be very precise use the rotary cutter.


4- After cutting all the fringes put some hot glue on the top of your fabric strip and press the braid to the fabric.


 5- Then, add hot glue on the top edge of the fabric and start rolling until you reach the end. Make sure to press hard so the fabric sticks together. 8

And you're done! You can decorate your tassel by wrapping embroidery thread on the top. I used just a little bit of hot glue at the beginning to stick the thread to the fabric and at the end as well.  You can make as many tassels as you like! They look so pretty and delicate! 


I hope you all enjoyed,