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10 sewing notions you will love!

Hey there awesome makers!

I hope you guys are doing well, because today is a good day to learn new things! Recently, I've been searching for unique notions that can make our sewing lives easier and I found a few you would love! I'm a strong believer in making sewing as efficient as possible by using useful tools . This is why I've gathered a list of notions that can speed up your sewing and help you give your project that professional final touch.

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1. Thermal thimbles

Thermal_thimble_set_01_84c49807-bd9b-456c-a526-4d292cdd9675_grande The thermal thimbles are designed to fit the index finger and thumb on either hand and they are heat resistant so your fingertips won’t get hurt when ironing seams! Isn't this a handy invention? 

2. Seam ripper 


This is a small tool used for unpicking stitches that's always put to good use. You can never have enough seam rippers in your supply box!

3. Magic Erase Markers


This is one of my favorite tools! You can write as many marks on the fabric as you need and they will go away when you iron the fabric. When I first discovered these pens it's like a magic trick was unveiling before me.

4. Sewing clips Clover-Wonder-Clips-50-Pack_MAIN-1

These clips are so simple but they are life savers when it comes to sewing bindings! They are perfect to hold  fabrics together when sewing and they always come in cute colors.

5. Scissors sharpener


This tool is a must-have! Sometimes our loved ones use the fabric scissors to cut paper (I think that’s the worst feeling ever). Having a sharpener in our sewing room can save us lots of time and money!

6. Turn it all tool


Do you ever have a difficult time turning your projects inside out? Well, this tool is perfect! It helps you flip your projects without getting your fingers stuck and it prevents you from popping any of the seams.

7. Tablet stand 4e600aa11197e

Since digital patterns are getting more popular each day. Having a tablet stand makes it easier for all of us to see the pattern while working on the project.

8. Thread cutterz ring:

This is something that’s very innovative. I found out about it because our AGF Sewcialite Mister Domestic had a giveaway on his blog. At first I didn't know what it was until I read the function of it and I think it's amazing! Isn't this a stylish accessory that's useful for cutting threads?

9. Bobbin clips

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.46.14

This little tool not only keeps the bobbin thread from unwinding, you can also use it to color coordinate your threads. With this useful tool you'll never use your bobbins again!

10. Wrist pinny


This notion is the best! It's the easiest way to keep your pins on hand. It’s a bracelet and it has a magnet in the middle that will make all your pins stay in the same place.

I think these notions are awesome and they could make a huge difference for any sewing project, especially when you want to finish something really quick. Having everything on hand will make your life easier! What do you guys think? And what else would you add?

I hope you all enjoyed!

Lots of love,