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No sew - Coaster Tutorial!

Hello fabric lovers!

I'm super excited because today I will teach you how to make a cool coaster you can make in less than 20 minutes! What inspired me to make this no-sew project was my huge bottle of water! I always bring a 1L bottle to the office. I always like to put ice in it because there's nothing better than cold water (at least for me!) but it would always become messy because after a while I would have water all over my desk. This simple and cool project solved my problem in less than 20 minutes! Not to mention that it's a great project to decorate any table for fall. 

Here is what you will need:

  • cork

  • fusible web tape

  • scissors

  • pencil

  • fabric

  • a printed shape of your choice


First, trace the shape of your choice on the cork. In my case, I used a leaf to welcome the Fall season! 


After tracing the shape, cut it. Be very careful because cork is a little messy and "delicate". If you are not careful it could break.


After cutting the cork, go ahead and trace the same shape onto the fusible web tape BUT don't cut it yet!


Go ahead and stick the fabric to the fusible web tape by iron it to the fabric!


Then cut the shape. Leave 1/2 inch of space. This is just to make sure you will cover the whole cork.


This is how it will look after you cut it.


Then, go ahead and iron the sticky part of the leaf to the cork. Make sure the fabric glued to the cork.


and VOILA! I'm just so happy with my new coasters. Isn't it super cute? 


You can use any shape you like! This is perfect to give a crafty touch to your office desk or to your kitchen. I just had an AHA moment! What about... coasters to give to your friends on thanksgiving day or the holidays? Coolest handmade gift ever!  Well fabric lovers, I hope you all enjoyed this super quick tutorial!

Lots of love,