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Sewing DO's and DON'Ts - Ola makes a clutch...Part 3




Hello AGF friends!

It's time for the last episode for my sewing DO'S and DON'Ts. I am so excited because my clutch is finished! As you remember from my previous blog posts: 

  • part 1 - I have learned importance of choosing the right fabric and cutting it precisely
  • part 2 - I've learned about 2 presser feet and I got to know how to attach snaps!

Today just the last step left - to sew the bag around and  flip it right side out  and I have to tell you - that's the most exciting moment from the whole process! I finally get to see how my final project looks like! Below you can see my happy face stitching the clutch around;)



Here are some tips I wanted to share with you at this stage of making the clutch.

  • DON'T forget to unzip the zipper  
  • Make sure that you DO pin two fronts of the clutch together and lining pieces together. Use as many pins as you need, there is no right amount. For beginners: the more pins you use the better.
  • DO remember to leave unsewn portion in the bottom of the lining:) 


I pulled the right side of the fabric through the unsewn portion, and stitch it closed...and voila, my clutch is ready! I started thinking right away about the accessories I am going to wear it with. Also, i think it's perfect for a girl's night out, date night, or family brunch - it's just great for any occasion!  


Ola's clutch

I hope that you liked my series of sewing DO's and DONT's. I am really excited that I am gaining some sewing experience and that here at AGF HQ I am surrounded with talented fashion designers who show me all the sewing tricks.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my clutch! Would you like to make one for yourself? If yes, here is the pattern for you to download:)

I think this project is just a beginning of my sewing adventures. I am already thinking on getting  more sewing lessons from Meli so I can share them with you!

Stay tuned;)