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Sewing 101: The dress!

Hello, dear makers!

I'm really happy to announce that I finished the dress! It was a long and difficult ride, but I made it thanks to my awesome sewing teacher, Amantha! Today, I will explain everything I did all these past days; from making the lining to the finishing touches!

After practicing with the muslin fabric, I quickly started the lining of my top and skirt. It looked way better than the mock up I did before, which made Amantha and I very happy (then, she knew she wasn't wasting her time teaching me how to sew)! After having the lining done, I started sewing with the voile fabric!


Oh! Also, there are some things I would like to mention. Sewing is an art but applying a zipper goes beyond that! It's very difficult (at least for me). I have to admit, I broke a needle! I got super scared when that happened but Amantha explained to me that when you are beginner those things happen all the time. As you can see in the pictures, both garments have zippers.Untitled-1

The skirt has an invisible zipper and the top has a separating zipper. I used a separating zipper for the top because it made it easier to put on. Also, sewing darts is very difficult too! I had to sew 6 darts ( 4 on the top and two on the back of the skirt) so the outfit would fit me perfectly. It took me such a long time but it was worth it! You know, the best garments are all about the perfect fit. Now, that I know how to sew I can say I'm a maker! (I've wanted to say that since I started working at AGF!)  _MG_7896

Well my friends, this was quite an experience for me! I had fun and learned something new and honestly I never imagined myself sewing but I loved it! I really hope to make more garments in the future and possibly learn to quilt too! As I said before, being surrounded by beautiful quilts and fabrics just makes my world go round!

Now, that I sewed something for the first time. I'm a little curious to know:

What was your first sewing project? 


Lots of love,