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DIY mouse pad tutorial!

Hey fabric lovers!

Lately I've been feeling very crafty! I've been looking for new ideas for no sew projects because I think they're a great way of trying out new fabrics and they're kid friendly. After looking on Pinterest for endless ideas I glanced at my mouse pad and had an Ah-Ha moment. My mouse pad was in need of a serious make-over so I thought it would be fun to give it a face lift with a little AGF. A mouse pad is something we all use almost everyday, so why not make it pretty? The best part is that I literally spent 15 minutes doing it! 

Here is what you will need to make this fun project:


 Now, let's start making!


1. First, cut the fabric one inch more than the size of your mouse pad (you want to have a bit of extra space in case you make a mistake). After cutting the fabric, iron it to make sure it's not wrinkled!



2. Cut the fusible web about the same size as the fabric you will use to cover the mouse pad. Glue it to the fabric by ironing one side of it (make sure to read the package instructions for the fusible). Note: My fabric is a lot bigger than the size I suggest because I used a fabric scrap I had laying around. 


3. After gluing the fusible web to the fabric I traced the shape of the mouse pad and cut around it to get the perfect size.


4. After cutting the final shape, make sure to remove the white paper from the fabric (The fusible web is almost barely noticeable because it's almost transparent).



5. To finally finish your pretty and renewed mouse pad, you will have to place the fabric on top of the mouse pad. Then, iron it so the fusible web sticks to the mouse pad and glues everything together.



Tadaaaa! Here is the final result, a brand new mouse pad! I used one of the prints from Tapestry by Sharon Holland! I love this print because blue is one of my favorite colors and it gives the mouse pad a fresh look.

I hope you enjoyed this simple no-sew tutorial! Feel free to tell me in the comments what fabric you would use to give your mouse pad a face lift!


Happy Making!