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Jewelry pouch tutorial!

Hey hey! 

I hope you guys are doing awesome! After sewing my dress I wanted to start sewing more often. I've been feeling very crafty these days and I guess it's because I did something I never imagine I would do! Honestly, I couldn't be happier with the fact that I learned how to sew! Oh, and before I forget to tell you guys, I'm even thinking about getting my own sewing machine. I would like to start sewing at home during the weekends.

Today, I bring to you an easy and fun tutorial on how to make a jewelry pouch! I saw it on Pinterest long time ago when I didn't know how to sew but, it was so pretty I would always think about how much I wanted to make it!I asked Amantha to guide me through the whole project just in case I needed help with everything. She told me lots of helpful tips and the most important thing she said was "be patient". Sometimes we make mistakes and we get stressed out of nothing, especially when we are sewing! Her advice was to always be patient and careful!

Well, now I will explain everything you need to know to make this cute jewelry pouch!


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Fabrics
  • 2 leather strips
  • Sewing machine
  • Yarn needle

Now, Let's start sewing!


10x10 fabricsFirst, Cut both fabrics 10x10 inches. Once you cut them make sure to iron them!


IMG_7684Once you have both fabrics ironed, place the right sides together and pin each corner to make sure they won't move.


 IMG_7693Then, sew both fabrics together with 1/2" S.A and make sure to leave a small space open to turn the piece.

 IMG_7701This is how it should look after you turn the piece! Iron it again to flatten the S.A.

 IMG_7702Fold the corners 3" inches to the inside and iron to hold in place


Sew all around it with a 1/2" inch S.A
Now, the final step! Cut two leather strips of 8 inches each. Then with a yarn needle you will help yourself to insert the strip into the 1/2 S.A. Make sure you insert 1 leather strip into two sides and the other strip in the other two sides!

So beautiful, right?! I want to make tons of them! They are easy to make and super cute. For this project, I used Lagom Fabrics by AGF Studio (This collection hasn't been release yet but it will be out very soon!) but let me tell you something... It's STUNNING! The colors and prints are simply gorgeous and elegant. 


I hope you guys enjoyed!