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Introducing Our Newest Blog Contributor: Christine

Hi AGF fans!

I’m super excited to be able to introduce myself today as a new contributing member to the AGF Creative Blog!  My name is Christine Mahecha and I’ve been behind the scenes at AGF for a while on the product design team, designing quilts, sewing clothes and making plushies.  You may have seen my semi-awkward cameo appearances in the Millie Fleur and Pandalicious lookbooks (Disclaimer: I studied fashion design, not modeling). 

Christine Mahecha

I'm standing in front of a leaf stamp art display I created for our Observer collection.

Let me say, for a lifelong maker working at AGF is a dream!  It’s the greatest pleasure to be able to combine my love of sewing, textiles, art, color, design, and DIY EVERYTHING in my job.  You’d think that as a recovering fabric hoarder this would be a dangerous place to work at, perhaps you’re thinking of dire parallels like a chocoholic working at that chocolate factory from that I Love Lucy episode… but let me tell you- it’s been the best!  I used to impulse buy tons of questionable prints just because they were on sale before and end up with piles of unusable fabric that would leave me thinking “what on earth possessed me?”  Nowadays, most fabric prints just aren’t up to snuff, even if they’re on sale.  Yup, I won’t lie, working at AGF has turned me into a bit of a fabric snob.  My favorite part of working here is when the advance yardage comes in and we finally get to see what the actual fabric looks like and start to make the products we’ve been designing.  It’s the best! 

Introductions out of the way, now that we’re old internet pals, I’m excited to announce… (drumroll please)… that I’m expecting my first baby in October!  He’s a little boy and I’m super excited!  I’ll be visiting the blog from time to time to share DIY tutorials and sewing projects for the expectant mother.  Whether that’s you, or someone you know that you’d like to sew a gift for I hope you’ll enjoy the posts!

See you soon!