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EQ Stash 2016 Download 2

Hi there!

I hope everyone is doing great! I’m happy to say that since I started learning how to sew, I truly appreciate any tool that makes the process easier. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I know Electric Quilt 7 (EQ 7) is one of those tools! This software is filled with pre-scanned fabrics (to-scale) for you to plan out your next beautiful quilt.

EQ 7 2016 blog graphic_downlaod 2

Every year EQ 7 releases two downloads called EQ Stash, filled with some of the most recent AGF collections for you to choose from. You can simply import these downloads into your current version of EQ7 and you’ll be able to gather the exact amount of fabrics you’ll need and instantly visualize how your quilt will look! How cool is that?

Electric Quilt just released their second EQ Stash download of 2016, here are the AGF collections that have been added:

We hope you have tons of fun planning your next quilt with Electric Quilt 7!


Till Next Time,



P.S. You can read more about the first 2016 EQ Stash download, here.



The Art of Mutual Learning: Following the Quilting Rules

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is having an awesome day so far. I’m excited to tell you more about my sewing journey! The last time, I told you all about the crash course in quilt design Lauv gave me and the inspiration behind my mini quilt. But now things are getting serious and the hands-on aspect of this process began!

Before even touching all the pretty fabrics I chose for my mini, there was a lot of practice done on AGF scraps. Being the great teacher that Lauv has been, she set up small exercises so that I could master important skills in quilting. The first step was to learn how to cut and measure the fabrics properly. When it came to cutting the fabrics she explained safety rules to avoid getting cut, such as:

  • Holding firmly on the ruler to avoid the fabric from going out of place.
  • Slowly cutting against the edge of the ruler while holding the rotary cutter firmly and straight to avoid damaging the blade.
  • And of course, using the lines of the ruler to align the fabric to make sure the measurements were accurate.

Cutting straight

Once all the cutting was done, it was time to learn how to thread the machine! Filling the bobbin with thread and putting it in the bobbin case was definitely intriguing. It was interesting to see how many parts have to work together in a sewing machine to make a few stitches. I'm also really lucky to have used a Bernina as my first sewing machine since AGF is a Bernina Ambassador on their blog, We All Sew. I think i'm a bit spoiled now. :p

Curious Bobbin

Lauv also taught me one of the most important rules in quilting: “You always have to calculate ¼ inch seam allowances.” I will never forget this because when it came time to sewing the seam allowances, my measurements were off sometimes and I had to re-do them until I got them right. Honestly, it got me really frustrated and drove me crazy! But like with any new skill, practice makes perfect.

The perfect quarter inch

So for the rest of the afternoon, I sewed straight lines that were ¼ inch apart until I got the hang of sewing.

Sewing quarter inch

So far, this journey has been interesting and it has definitely been a learning curve for me, but I’m hanging in there! I can’t wait to tell you all about my quilt piecing process!

Thanks for following my sewing journey!


Till next time,



All about AGF knit fabric!

Howdy howdy, fabric lovers!

What’s your favorite fabric to sew with? I personally love knit fabric, it’s comfy, soft, stretchy and it goes well with everything. As you all know we have a huge variety of knit fabrics. Actually, we have 4 prints for each collection plus a wide range of solids and round elements. Can you believe how many we have?! It’s incredible!

Every time I get to the studio I want to sew at least one garment with each print ( I love them all). If you have worked with our fabric before you can really feel the difference, but our knit fabrics are just out of this world and they work perfectly for summer clothes because they are light weight so they will keep you fresh all day long!

Have you ever thought of all the things you can sew with knit fabric? Well, just in case you haven’t in the picture below you will see some of the things we have made here at the studio. 

 Knits graphic

But the fun doesn’t end there! You can still sew lots of different things, especially with knit scraps. For example: beanies, headbands, fabric flowers, a strap for your camera, and much more! You can check out our AGF Knit fabric lookbook, filled with tons of project ideas and link to patterns for some sewing inspiration.



For those of you that sometimes feel intimidated by sewing with knit fabric, here is a video one of our designers, Dana Willard made. She explains the basics of sewing with knits! Also, she will give you some tips on how to choose the right stitch for your project.


I hope you're inspired by AGF knits! Feel free to share your favorite things about sewing with knits and any tips you may have. :)  


Happy knit sewing!




AGF Knits Composition

95% Cotton 5% Spandex | 58-60" Wide | Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. 

Let me TEAL you whats the color of July ....

Hello everyone!

Do you know what’s the color of July? Let me TEAL you  some hints ;)

-It is believed that it has a soothing effect on human mind.

-It’s the color of the ocean on a warm sunny day.

-It’s a mixture of blue and green.

-At its brightest is very close to turquoise.

-It’s part of a peacock's feathers. ;)

ColorFun Logotealnew

We are sure you know the answer already. Yes! It’s teal! A beautiful deep color that became popular in fashion because like most blues, it looks good on everyone! We chose this color for summer to remind you about your dream trips to tropical places, where the ocean is clear and palm trees gives sway in the breeze. The color stands alone perfectly but also looks great in many colors combinations. It can be paired perfectly with coral fabric - the color featured in June. You can also mix it with pink for beautiful girly creations! There are so many fabric prints you can find in this color.  We curated a selection of ten prints from various collections to help you mix and match your favorite teal fabrics! July is definitely a perfect time to incorporate teal in your quilts, garments and home decor! So let’s get inspired!!



This selection of teal fabrics features collections:

Avantgarde by Katarina Rocella (AVG-18901 Fluxus Teal)

Avantgarde by Katarina Rocella (AVG-28904 Neo fllies Profound)

Coastline by Sharon Holland (CTL-59904 Tropical Breeze)

Dare by Pat Bravo (DAR-64301 Wafting Plaid Marked)

Essentials II by Pat Bravo (ESS-II-155 Delicate Femme Azur)

Imprint by Katarina Rocella (IMP-40451 Buttonballs Laguna)

Lavish by Katarina Rocella (LAH-16810 Gentle Draft Moonrise)

Pandalicious by Katarina Rocella (PND-20123 Ni hao Fairies Hu)

Playing Pop by AGF Studio (POP-1288 Sound Bubbles Teal)

Prisma Elements by AGF Studio (PRE-809 Pagoda Gem)

Teal color fun

And now it’s time for your favorite part of our ColorFun series! A GIVEAWAY! If you're already dreaming about all the projects you can make with teal fabric don't hesitate and enter our giveaway.


To enter:

Simply, fill out the form below! Giveaway ends July 13th at 1pm EST. The winner will be chosen using and will be announced on this post.

Note: By filling the form you will be subscribing to our newsletter filled with all things AGF! To be sure you're in the giveaway pool, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription. Good luck!


We hope you enjoyed this month’s Colorfun blog post! Please let us know what colors you would love to see featured next. Stay tuned for next post!

Happy Sewing!





CONGRATULATIONS Judi, you've won the box of goodies from Teal ColorFun fabric bundle! Check your email.

Stash Builder Box: A Subscription with a Good Cause

Hi wonderful fabric collectors!

I don’t know about you, but I love receiving packages! Even if I know what I purchased, there’s something so exciting about coming home from the AGF HQ and seeing a box waiting for me at the door. For all of you fabric lovers out there, imagine receiving happy mail with not just fabrics but also fun sewing related products! I know it sounds like a dream!

This dream can come true with the Stash Builder Box, a subscription service where every month you receive a box with a few specially curated fabric prints, notions, and other sewing related goodies. The best part of this new service is that 20% of all the proceeds from every single box sale goes towards making quilts for kids in need.  What can be better than replenishing your stash for a great cause?

Plus, you choose the fabrics you’ll receive! Every month, Stash Builder Box hosts a voting session on their Instagram where you get to choose two of the main prints that will be in your box. So this means, you get to choose your favorite fabrics, get cool stuff in the mail, and help children in need!

And guess what? The July box is dedicated to Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard!

Stash Builder Box Pic for blog


CONGRATULATIONS Bea, you've won the box of goodies from Stash Builder Box! Check your email. Thank you to everyone who shared their beautiful stories about creating projects for charity and for participating in the giveaway. 


This month’s box includes:

  • 3 fat quarters from Boardwalk Delight (Prints include Ice Cream Shop, Eat It All, and I Scream You Scream)
  • A spool of Aurifil 50WT thread
  • 5 mL packet of SOAK (eco-friendly laundry care)
  • Stash Block of the Month – “Snowball”
  • Stash Pick of the Month – “Fly By” quilt pattern by Initial K Studio
  • Vintage McCall’s Pattern Notebook (includes 64 pages of sepia toned lined paper)
  • Pencil that says “You can never have enough fabric”

To celebrate the summer and this month’s fun filled box, we’re hosting a GIVEAWAY! Stash builder has kindly donated a box filled with this month's goodies for you to win.

To enter:

Tell us in the comment section why you would like to win the July box featuring Boardwalk Delight fabrics and what are some things you have done for charity/ a good cause.

Giveaway ends Monday, July 11th at 3:00pm. Good luck!


If you would love to receive a cute box like this every month, visit the Stash Builder Box website to start your subscription (this box will be available until July 14th).






P.S. Here’s a little insight from the founder, Amanda Kelly on how Stash Builder Box was born:

“Stash Builder Box is a monthly quilting box that came to be in January of 2016 after I was doing research for my husband about starting a subscription box for his company. After doing the research for my husband’s box, his idea didn’t end up working out but it got the wheels turning for me. I really had a desire to combine my love of quilting with my heart to serve and help others. I had this crazy idea to make a box of quilting goodies but also have an underlying cause to bless people”.