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Sewing 101: Garment Sewing for the First Time

Aloha Awesome makers!

Today, I bring to you incredible news! I've decided I wanted learn how to sew my own garments! It was hard not to give into sewing being surrounded by tons of beautiful fabrics everyday. I can honestly say that I've always admired fabrics and sewing, but I never took the time to learn...until I met Amantha. She is one of our Product Designers here at AGF and when she over heard me talking about my wishes to make my own clothes, she suggested teaching me how to sew garments. I got so excited that the next day we jumped right into the first lesson.

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I wanted to make a top and maxi skirt set because they are one of my favorite things to wear. They are comfy, elegant, and most importantly PERFECT for the Florida weather! What I am most excited about is that I will get to wear my beautiful creation anytime I want! I can already imagine someone asking me "I like your outfit. Where did you get it?" and I'll say "I made it." :)

Now, let me tell you a little bit about the process since we started this new adventure.

First, I went on Pinterest and looked for some inspiration. I must admit that I wanted to make every dress or set I saw (I was really excited), but Amantha guided me until we found a very nice design for my top and skirt set. After finding the dress, I had several options of fabrics that I wanted to use but, my very first choice was always one of the Observer Fabrics prints! Ever since we got the advance yardage of this collection I got obsessed with the Indigo Window Crystal print in Voile fabric! All I thought was that this voile print was perfect for my project! So, I talked to Amantha and she thought it was a cool idea to use this print because of the colors and the unique tie-dye look! It reminds me to the ocean (and who doesn't love the ocean?!). 

After the idea for the set was finalized, we drew a digital sketch of the top and skirt. Next, we are going to take my measurements and start making the pattern so we can cut the fabric and then sew this amazing top and skirt set! Hopefully it will come out beautiful. I'm really excited and I can't wait to show you the next steps.

Stephany's Dress 2

Stay tuned for the second part of Sewing 101!