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12 AGF fabric prints inspired by birds !!!

Hello dear makers!

One of the biggest humans desire is the ability to fly. We associate flying with freedom. That’s why we will always be captivated by birds! We get fascinated not only by their abilities to glide above the earth but also by their wide spread wings, amazing colors, and the beautiful songs they sing. :) Birds are so different from us but are a part of our everyday lives.

I personally always loved birds in fashion and I am really smitten by all the AGF fabric prints with birds. There are so many prints with birds in our collections but today I'm going to show you some of my favorites. Feel free to browse through all fabric collections to find your favorite!

"Birds are wherever we are. They are our companions. Birds are mediators between heaven and earth."

Terry Tempest Williams, Author, When Women Were Birds



 This selection of bird fabric prints features the following collections:


  1. Winged by Bonnie Christine (WNG-2026 Aves Chatter Dim )
  2. Wonderland by Katarina Rocella (WND-2531 Owly Boo)
  3. Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine (HOL-46652 Feathered Fellow Lush)
  4. Petal and Plume by Bari J. (PEP-58202 Illusionist Vine Jay)
  5. Tapestry by Sharon Holland (TAP-82495 Eternal Elan)
  6. Utopia by Frances Newcombe (UT-24504 Orni Incandescence)
  7. Sketchbook by Sharon Holland (SBK-47201 Air Brush Fancy)
  8. Coastline by Sharon Holland (CTL-49907 Beachcomber Nocturnal)
  9. Joie de Vivre by Bari J. (JOI-89127 C'est la Vie Winter)
  10. Petal and Plume by Bari J. (PEP-58209 Peacock Waltz Gala)
  11. Sweet as Honey by Bonnie Christine (SAH-1607 Fly by Day)
  12. Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine (HOL-36650 Swanlings Bevy Nightfall)


Are you delighted with this selection, as much as I am? I especially love the (#1) burgundy fabric with the flock of birds from Bonnie Christine's Winged collection. This print is available also in voile. I think i'm going to plan a special project with this print. Stay tuned!;)

Also the swallow fabric print from Utopia (#6) is another one of my favorites ( I like the one from Sketchbook too (#7). It's so hard to just pick one!). Swallows have a soft spot in my heart. When I was a kid living in Poland I remember observing swallows flying around and singing so beautifully! It was such a magical moment from my childhood.

What I love about birds is that they are so accessible to us. We can meet them everywhere from backyards to seashores. And the ones you can meet at a seashore are of course seagulls! Sharon Holland captured all the wonders of seashore in her Coastline collection but in this specific seagull fabric print (#8) she showed us how seagulls are a vital and beautiful element of the coastline.


We couldn’t miss the peacock fabric print (#10) in this selection. Peacock's feathers are simply captivating and they became inspiration for many artists. Bari J. mixed their feathers with flowers creating this gorgeous fabric print in her Petal and Plume collection. 


I recently asked my 12 year old niece what she would like to get as a gift. She replied “Anything that has owl on it.” :) I am sure she would love a dress made with this owl fabric print from the Wonderland Collection (#2) by Katarina Roccella. Owls became so popular in fashion and as you know here at AGF HQ we keep up with trends. We are going release shortly 2 new collections that feature owl fabric prints : Nightfall by Maureen Cracknell and Heartland by Pat Bravo. Trust me, you're going to love them.  


Last but not least we want to show you a closeup of the swan fabric print from our upcoming collection Hello,Ollie by Bonnie Christine . As you remember this is the first AGF organic collection and we are so excited about introducing it to the market! The fabric is so soft that it's hard to resist petting it! Take a look at the all the prints from Bonnie Christine's organic fabric collection. There is more amazing swans prints!


 I hope you liked the selection of fabrics and that you are inspired to use beautiful birds prints in your next sewing project! :)

Do you have any favorite birds or any interesting stories involving birds? Let us know your stories in the comments! 


I wish you a high-flying sewing journey!