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Spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap: Part 2

Spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap: Part 1

How’s it going fabric friends?!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This may sound like a cliché, but time does fly when you’re having fun. It seems like just a few days ago we were showing sneak peeks and doing live streams from the AGF booth at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, and now we’re back at our headquarters getting ready to start releasing the new collections we talked about.

Like always, quilt market was filled with fun and excitement! For this reason, we want to share the best parts of the show with you!  We’ve prepared a three part re-cap that shows a closer look at the AGF booth along with some of the live video streams from quilt market we shared on Facebook (You’ll get to see me being the host in most of the videos. Yay!). Now, without further ado, I present to you part one of the spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap!

 Interior of the AGF Booth


Let’s start with my favorite part of the AGF booth, the interior! Usually, the AGF booth consists of a main structure where we sell fabric to customers inside and then display the designers’ collections on the outside of the structure. I love all the work that goes into the concept of this booth every year, but I must admit that this year’s display has been my favorite, so far.

As you can see, the large walls had huge quilts that hung from giant wooden hoops! There were four of these large quilts that were made with AGF denim combined with accent color. Oh, and did you see that two of these quilts were giant hexies?! To complete the look, we hung color coordinated fabrics along the inner entrances to match the accent colors of the quilts. In my opinion, this display was beautiful enough to be an installation at an art museum. ❤‿❤

Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella



Up next we have, Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella! During the show Katarina showed off adorable kids clothing, unique tepee pillows, and that stunning panda quilt! If you didn’t like pandas before, this collection will definitely make you fall in love with them. The minty green of the walls combined with the contrasting colors of the pandas made us feel like we were in a panda story book. Honestly, this booth left me with the craving to travel to Asia and see these beautiful creatures in person. 

Playground by Amy Sinibaldi



Amy Sinibaldi, shows off her sweet style once more with her upcoming collection, Playground. During quilt market she created a gallery style wall filled with beautiful quilts, accented with simple pillows, and small accessories. If you follow Amy on social media, you’ve probably noticed that she’s all about small details and she definitely shows this off at her booth. From little fabric bins to cute children’s clothing, her display at quilt market showed the essence of childhood.

 I hope you enjoyed the first part of our Quilt Market re-cap! Stay tuned during the next few days to see part two and three from our contributors Caro and Ola. Feel free, to tell us what were some of your favorite parts of the featured booths.


Till Next time,