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The Art of Mutual Learning: Piecing The Top



June is here. 

Steph and I started this series on April 11th, but with Quilt Market prep, we paused it for a bit. A bit over a month, although it feels like the first post was published two weeks ago at the most. So June is here, and it's a good reminder to focus on the things you love, and I love the word June, and learning new things. For the new readers, you can find more about this blog series here and here.

Now we're back on track. We're done with all the cutting, and our quilt tops are pieced. Steph has been a great student, and I love that I can see she's interested on the subject. Once the cutting part of the lesson was over, we moved to the sewing machine. Those of you who sew, or want to learn, KNOW that a sewing machine could be scary at first. The thread going in all directions through different loops, and the bobbin, AND the needle. Teaching Steph, I realise why not everyone sews. It is simple but it takes skill.

Steph is calm and methodical (she is my go-to tech-person), so teaching her how to thread the machine was easy. After that, it was all about the sewing foot, and of course, the 1/4" seam allowance (emphasis on that). In order for her to be more comfortable with it, I asked her to do lines. I had to do sewing lines in fashion school, and it made me more comfortable. As far as pressing the pedal, my best conclusion was to use a driving reference, you press the car pedal in a progressive way, not all the way (unless you're a car racer, I assume), so it's a similar move when one sews:


After each line Steph made, we checked the seam allowance with a ruler, until she did many that were accurate:


Once she was more at ease with it, she started piecing her top (she'll go into more detail about her experience), and I started piecing mine. We both have the privilege to be sewing on Bernina machines. I did tell Steph that most people don't get their first go at sewing on these machines, and again, the reference to the car came afloat, "it's like learning how to drive on a (insert luxury brand here)," so it does alter the quality of the experience.

For my mini I combined Pure Elements and Pastel Thrift in HST. What captivates me about HST is how many shapes you can create around the fabric placement. I'm into optical illusions, so quilting feeds that. Being able to tell how to construct a block, or deciphering the block pattern really speaks to me. In the case of my mini it's not hard to decipher, but it was still fun to create rhombi with HST. For this small project I used the basic HST technique, because it is my favourite. Cut two squares, cut each diagonally, and join opposite halves. It might take a bit more time, but I feel I have more control of the pieces, and ultimately it's a thing of personal choice (I have used other HST techniques like the 4-in-1 for time-saving purposes). This is the pattern that I followed:




Stay tuned for the final post where we'll talk about the quilting and binding processes and reveal our finished quilts.




Spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap: Part 3

Hello makers, crafters, and quilters around the world!

Did you have a chance to go to this year’s International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and see all the newest AGF fabric collections? If not, I hope that you have been following our recap posts written by Stephanie and Carolina. Today, it’s my turn and I am happy to share my experience from this amazing event.

Let me tell you, it was simply magical! Within 3 days, the convention center became the most amazing inspirational fabric world, full of wonderful projects and people who are passionate about sewing! You could simply feel the positive vibes in the air! Let me show you a closer look at Dana Willard's, Pat Bravo's, Bonnie Christine's, and the AGF Studio booths. Here we go!

Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard

One of the most joyful people I’ve met was our Limited Edition designer Dana Willard. She/among others/ was the one that encouraged me to learn how to sew!! I think it’s because she makes sewing look so simple in her video tutorials.;) So, I was extra excited that I had a chance to meet her in person and admire her booth. She displayed her first Limited Edition fabric collection: BoardWalk Delight and let me tell you, I couldn't resist looking at peoples’ expressions when they saw her collection up close.

At that moment, I knew that this collection was going to be a huge success when I saw everyone smiling as they passed by her booth. Vivid colors, simple shapes, and fun colorful clothes – all of these elements took us into Dana's world and we didn't want to leave. The world of careless childhood, summer days fulfilled with joy. If fabric could have a taste, the Boardwalk Delight collection would taste like the best ice-cream you ever had in your life!Boardwalk-Delight


Most of my time during QM I spent in the AGF studio booth talking and taking fun Polaroid pictures with all of the visitors, who wanted to have an awesome souvenir from SLC.;) It was great to meet tons of amazing makers face to face and it was so humbling to hear all the great things everyone said about AGF. The AGF studio booth became a place where everyone had fun admiring colorful shirts, quilts and clutches made with our denim fabrics. But the real show stopper was the colorful pillow wall. They were definitely everyone's one favorite! Last but not least, visitors had a chance to pet our new denim prints being released in July!


Heartland by Pat Bravo

After a long day of looking at endless amounts of fabrics, the prefect place to have a nice conversation and relax was at Pat's booth where she displayed her upcoming fabric collection -Heartland. In her booth, you could feel like you were relaxing in a peaceful cottage in Scandinavia surrounded the calm forest. It was just impossible not to fall in love with the delicate pastel fabrics and the skillfully sewn baby clothes, pillows, quilts and plush toys!



Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine

Next, Bonnie’s Christine presented her new organic cotton fabric collection: “Hello, Ollie.” This collection was inspired and named after her baby girl, Ollie. The big surprise at her booth happened when Bonnie brought her baby girl and everyone fell in love with her! Trust me, she is the sweetest little angel! Hello, Ollie brings to life memories of a day spent by a calm meadow surrounded by swaying swans. Bonnie truly displayed this calm scene with tons of beautiful projects that showed off the prints in a unique way.


It looks like the Quilt Market recap has come to an end. Thank you so much to all who visited our booth or watched our live streams on Facebook . We can’t wait to see you soon and share creative ideas together again! Before you leave, here's a little video to sum up the whole show. We hope you like it! 

Please let us know....

Share in comments below what was your experience from this Spring Quilt Market. Which of the newest AGF collections did you like the most and what would you like us to prepare for the next show? :)


Till the next Time!!


Spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap: Part 2

Happy Monday awesome sewers!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! Today, I get to continue our Quilt Market recap! I’m thrilled to be able to tell you about the second part of the Spring 2016 Quilt market. First of all, it was my first time at Quilt Market and  it was a unique experience for me. Getting to talk to all the awesome sewers, pattern makers, shop owners, quilters and designers really got me thinking about how big and popular this industry is! Also, I had the opportunity to meet all the Art Gallery Fabrics' designers. They were all so nice and filled with so many creative ideas! Their booth’s were amazingly decorated and they all had such warm personalities.

Today, you guys will be able to see how beautifully decorated the booths of Sharon Holland, Maureen Cracknell and Bari J were.


Let’s start with the fabric collection Tapestry by Sharon Holland:

This collection is an eclectic mix of multicultural – inspired motifs combining the traditional designs with modern graphic brush strokes. It inspires tranquility with its earthy and pastel tones. Tapestry, is characterized by the combination of neutral colors that can be used in any season of the year.  As you can see in the picture, the booth had a spring-summery look. Also, all the details made in each of the projects were made with Aurifil Thread. We loved how she managed to make her booth look so fresh and modern without leaving behind that crafty touch. Visit Sharon's Holland blog to learn more about this collection.


Now, let me tell you about Maureen Cracknell’s booth:

By just looking at the booth you could totally get the essence of her upcoming fabric collection Nightfall. This collection was inspired by the beauty of the night and how the moon shines in its different phases.  It reminded me of the Peter Pan story. I could have stayed hours staring at it, just daydreaming about all the cool things I did as a kid. Also, take a look at those detailed pillows. The details were made with Aurifil thread, and they look amazing! Check out Maureen's Craknell blog to see more about this collection.Nightfall

It's time to look at Bari J's new fabric collection: Joie de Vivre!

The inspiration behind this collection are all those little things that make us smile, such as puppies, butterflies and birds. She portrays her exuberant enjoyment of  life and she paints the essence of her style with vibrant gem colors. What I really loved about this collection is how all the colors match together so well and they perfectly represent nature at its finest. If you would like to know more about this collection, you can visit Bari J.'s blog and check out all the projects that she made for Quilt Market and more. 

Joie de Vivre


These pictures say it all! Everything was a total success and we were all humbled by the great feedback we received. Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth and appreciated all the hard work that the AGF team and designers did!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for the third part of the recap that’s coming up tomorrow!



Spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap: Part 1

How’s it going fabric friends?!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This may sound like a cliché, but time does fly when you’re having fun. It seems like just a few days ago we were showing sneak peeks and doing live streams from the AGF booth at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, and now we’re back at our headquarters getting ready to start releasing the new collections we talked about.

Like always, quilt market was filled with fun and excitement! For this reason, we want to share the best parts of the show with you!  We’ve prepared a three part re-cap that shows a closer look at the AGF booth along with some of the live video streams from quilt market we shared on Facebook (You’ll get to see me being the host in most of the videos. Yay!). Now, without further ado, I present to you part one of the spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap!

 Interior of the AGF Booth


Let’s start with my favorite part of the AGF booth, the interior! Usually, the AGF booth consists of a main structure where we sell fabric to customers inside and then display the designers’ collections on the outside of the structure. I love all the work that goes into the concept of this booth every year, but I must admit that this year’s display has been my favorite, so far.

As you can see, the large walls had huge quilts that hung from giant wooden hoops! There were four of these large quilts that were made with AGF denim combined with accent color. Oh, and did you see that two of these quilts were giant hexies?! To complete the look, we hung color coordinated fabrics along the inner entrances to match the accent colors of the quilts. In my opinion, this display was beautiful enough to be an installation at an art museum. ❤‿❤

Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella



Up next we have, Pandalicious by Katarina Roccella! During the show Katarina showed off adorable kids clothing, unique tepee pillows, and that stunning panda quilt! If you didn’t like pandas before, this collection will definitely make you fall in love with them. The minty green of the walls combined with the contrasting colors of the pandas made us feel like we were in a panda story book. Honestly, this booth left me with the craving to travel to Asia and see these beautiful creatures in person. 

Playground by Amy Sinibaldi



Amy Sinibaldi, shows off her sweet style once more with her upcoming collection, Playground. During quilt market she created a gallery style wall filled with beautiful quilts, accented with simple pillows, and small accessories. If you follow Amy on social media, you’ve probably noticed that she’s all about small details and she definitely shows this off at her booth. From little fabric bins to cute children’s clothing, her display at quilt market showed the essence of childhood.

 I hope you enjoyed the first part of our Quilt Market re-cap! Stay tuned during the next few days to see part two and three from our contributors Caro and Ola. Feel free, to tell us what were some of your favorite parts of the featured booths.


Till Next time,


We are having fun with coral fabric prints!

Hello, Hello fabric lovers!

Let me tell you, time flies when it’s Quilt Market season! Just a few weeks ago we were preparing for the big trade show and now we’re back from the show, ready to keep inspiring you. The beginning of June has arrived and it’s time to show you the next color of our ColorFun blog series. We’re happy to dedicate this month to coral fabrics!

ColorFun Logocoral

Even if the summer hasn’t arrived to your city yet, you can kindly ask it to hurry up by sewing bright quilts or wearing warm colors. AGF prints in coral are so girly, youthful, and simply beautiful! The many shades of coral fabric remind us of  beautiful sunsets on the beach and blooming flowers. In addition, it’s a fun and flattering color to wear that transitions nicely from spring to summer.

Coral is a fresh color that can be paired as a bold accent to any project or as a subtle stand-alone color. We curated a selection of ten prints from various collections to show you how you can mix an assortment of prints while matching different hues of coral.

Coral Fabrics graphic

This selection of coral fabrics features:

Fleet and Flourish by Maureen Cracknell ( FLO-9120 What Awaits Above & All Paths Sunlit)

Forest Floor by Bonnie Christine (FOR-47700 Wild Posy Flora)

Heart Melodies by AGF Studio (HME-70405 Remastering Plum)

Meadow by Leah Duncan (MW-80024 Sprinkled Noon)

Geometric Bliss by Jeni Baker (GBL-2431 Spherical Buds Peach)

Cultivate by Bonnie Christine (CUL-8674 Thrive Apricot)

Curiosities by Jeni Baker (CUR-19139 Candied Lollies Orange)

Coastline by Sharon Holland (CTL-59902 Sailcloth Sunset)

Arizona by April Rhodes (ARZ-552 Clay Sundot)

Cropped for blog re-sized

Are you dreaming of making your next coral sewing project? Well, one of the ways to make it happen is to enter our giveaway and add this bundle to your stash!

To enter:

Simply, leave a comment telling us what you would make with these coral fabrics. Giveaway ends June 9th at 1pm EST. The winner will be chosen using and will be announced on this post.



CONGRATULATIONS Debra Neiman , you've won the ColorFun coral fabric bundle! Check your email.


We hope you enjoyed this month’s Colorfun blog post! Please let us know what colors you would love to see featured next. Stay tuned for next post!


Happy Sewing!




Hola! I am Ola!

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce myself. I am Aleksandra (A.K.A Ola ) and I am thrilled to be a contributor for the AGF blog. I'm excited to share diy ideas, ways to mix and match fabrics, interesting news from the sewing world, and much more!!

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I graduated from the University of Economics in Wroclaw, Poland. While in school, I learned a lot about analytical thinking and business but I always had my heart in crafts, art, and design.

I was a member of the University’s Student Newspaper and there I started my first steps with journalism and graphic design. After my graduation I worked in different companies in the Marketing field. Now, I am truly honored to be part of the AGF marketing team! I really identify myself with AGF’s vision to inspire makers of all levels to sew and I am amazed everyday by the wonderful things that can be made with fabrics.


The wonder of technology today makes us reach far and wide to communicate with each other. I would like to be part of this dialog and encourage all makers to inspire each other because together we can achieve much more!

When I am not working, you can find me hanging out with my husband Rafal, camping with friends in one of Florida’s campgrounds, kayaking , or just spending time with my pet Rabbit – Spock ☺

I can’t wait to share my first post with you. Stay tuned!