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Spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap: Part 2
The Art of Mutual Learning: Piecing The Top

Spring 2016 Quilt Market Recap: Part 3

Hello makers, crafters, and quilters around the world!

Did you have a chance to go to this year’s International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City and see all the newest AGF fabric collections? If not, I hope that you have been following our recap posts written by Stephanie and Carolina. Today, it’s my turn and I am happy to share my experience from this amazing event.

Let me tell you, it was simply magical! Within 3 days, the convention center became the most amazing inspirational fabric world, full of wonderful projects and people who are passionate about sewing! You could simply feel the positive vibes in the air! Let me show you a closer look at Dana Willard's, Pat Bravo's, Bonnie Christine's, and the AGF Studio booths. Here we go!

Boardwalk Delight by Dana Willard

One of the most joyful people I’ve met was our Limited Edition designer Dana Willard. She/among others/ was the one that encouraged me to learn how to sew!! I think it’s because she makes sewing look so simple in her video tutorials.;) So, I was extra excited that I had a chance to meet her in person and admire her booth. She displayed her first Limited Edition fabric collection: BoardWalk Delight and let me tell you, I couldn't resist looking at peoples’ expressions when they saw her collection up close.

At that moment, I knew that this collection was going to be a huge success when I saw everyone smiling as they passed by her booth. Vivid colors, simple shapes, and fun colorful clothes – all of these elements took us into Dana's world and we didn't want to leave. The world of careless childhood, summer days fulfilled with joy. If fabric could have a taste, the Boardwalk Delight collection would taste like the best ice-cream you ever had in your life!Boardwalk-Delight


Most of my time during QM I spent in the AGF studio booth talking and taking fun Polaroid pictures with all of the visitors, who wanted to have an awesome souvenir from SLC.;) It was great to meet tons of amazing makers face to face and it was so humbling to hear all the great things everyone said about AGF. The AGF studio booth became a place where everyone had fun admiring colorful shirts, quilts and clutches made with our denim fabrics. But the real show stopper was the colorful pillow wall. They were definitely everyone's one favorite! Last but not least, visitors had a chance to pet our new denim prints being released in July!


Heartland by Pat Bravo

After a long day of looking at endless amounts of fabrics, the prefect place to have a nice conversation and relax was at Pat's booth where she displayed her upcoming fabric collection -Heartland. In her booth, you could feel like you were relaxing in a peaceful cottage in Scandinavia surrounded the calm forest. It was just impossible not to fall in love with the delicate pastel fabrics and the skillfully sewn baby clothes, pillows, quilts and plush toys!



Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine

Next, Bonnie’s Christine presented her new organic cotton fabric collection: “Hello, Ollie.” This collection was inspired and named after her baby girl, Ollie. The big surprise at her booth happened when Bonnie brought her baby girl and everyone fell in love with her! Trust me, she is the sweetest little angel! Hello, Ollie brings to life memories of a day spent by a calm meadow surrounded by swaying swans. Bonnie truly displayed this calm scene with tons of beautiful projects that showed off the prints in a unique way.


It looks like the Quilt Market recap has come to an end. Thank you so much to all who visited our booth or watched our live streams on Facebook . We can’t wait to see you soon and share creative ideas together again! Before you leave, here's a little video to sum up the whole show. We hope you like it! 

Please let us know....

Share in comments below what was your experience from this Spring Quilt Market. Which of the newest AGF collections did you like the most and what would you like us to prepare for the next show? :)


Till the next Time!!