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All about AGF Canvas

Aloha fantastic makers!

I hope you guys are doing great! Today, I have come to inspire you to create something new! I think new ideas are always the best ideas. Here at the AGF HQ  brainstorming sessions are part of our daily tasks, because we always want to bring you the best projects, ideas, and quality.

There’s one thing that we always keep in mind here at the studio which is “don’t overthink it, just do it." Sometimes we limit ourselves from making new things because we overthink too much before doing what we want to do.  To encourage you to create more,  I'm here to tell you a little bit about our canvas fabric. I hope to inspire you to use AGF canvas fabric for tons of your projects!

Most of the times canvas fabric is used in home décor, modern upholstery, and accessories like handbags, or backpacks. But the AGF canvas fabric is strong enough to make all of those things I mentioned before, but soft enough to make clothes. I will show you some of the projects we made here at the studio so you can see what other things you can do with our canvas fabric! Before working at AGF, when someone mentioned canvas all I thought was “home décor” but when I started working here I realized how versatile this type of fabric is. Especially ours, which is very soft but strong at the same time. Those that have worked with it before know what I’m talking about. You can really "feel the difference".

Here are a few projects made with AGF canvas. This fabric can be used in almost every project you can imagine!


Well, don't you think all of these projects look awesome?! I sure do! :)

Here is the list with the name of the prints we used for each project:


PS: The bag on the top right corner is a free pattern, click here to download the pattern! Also, you can find more free projects and patterns in our canvas lookbook!

Details about AGF Canvas: 100% cotton, 58-59" wide


I hope you all enjoyed this post!