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Happy National Sewing Machine Day!

TOP 10 Creative Gifts for Father's Day (sewing patterns)

Father’s Day is coming up! It's that time of the year where we get to celebrate dads for all the great things they do. Whether it's helping you with car trouble, being handymen with their tools, or simply opening that jar you can't open; it's always nice to have someone strong and supportive in the house.  We want to celebrate the contributions that dads make in our lives, so we thought they might appreciate a handmade gift. Have you been wondering about making something unique for the Father's day this year? To help you with a few ideas, we’ve put together this list of suggested items you could sew for your dad!

  1. Apron made with AGF denim fabric.

Wouldn’t that be cute if your dad proudly wore an apron made by you whenever he prepares a family barbecue? You can even embroider text that says: “Dad’s Apron” on it! We're sure he'll be more eager to cook wearing something handmade! ;) What’s even better is that the apron pattern is really easy to cut out and sew! Click here to download apron pattern

  1. Coasters for his favorite drink

How about those hexagon coasters? They will come handy for his favorite drink during a football game or for the morning cup of coffee in his office. You should be able to sew these denim coasters even if you just began your journey with sewing! Plus, the handmade stitches give them an extra crafty touch. See here how to sew denim coasters

  1. Summer Shirt

This colorful shirt would make your dad happy and ready to go for a relaxing weekend trip!  Surprise him and sew this shirt with colorful fabric of your choice from our recently released fabric collection: Boardwalk Delight.   If he's a bit more toned down when it comes to fashion, you can always make this shirt in AGF denim. ;)


  1. Every Day Necktie

Yes, we know! Your dad probably has tons of ties. But are any of them made by you? You can use one of these summer fabric prints shown in the picture or you can find great fabric prints in many of our collections. We think that Pat Bravo's collection, Artisan would be great for this project. Click here to download a tie pattern

  1. On The Go organizer

Help your dad to organize all the items in his car by making this “On the Go Organizer”. It will be very useful for his first aid kit and some necessary tools he usually keeps in the car. You can use one of the prints from our canvas fabric collection to make the project extra sturdy. Click here to download pattern

  1. Floor Cloth

How about sewing this comfy floor cloth for your dad’s office? Match the fabric print to the color of the furniture in your dad’s office and surprise him with this clever gift! Click here to download floor cloth pattern


  1. Essence Pillowcase

We're sure any dad would love a soft handmade pillow for their "man cave" or favorite chair! This pillow will make him proud of his daughter’s quilting skills.;) Grab one of our denim fabrics and start cutting your half square triangles today! Are you wondering how to sew this pillow? Don't worry we have step by step pillow sewing tutorial prepared for you.

  1. Laundry bags

If your father travels often, he may find these laundry bags extremely useful.  The "Reminder Alloy" and "Reminder Hidden"  prints from the Pastel Thrift fabric collection make these bags look so modern that he will love the gift for sure! Click here for free sewing pattern

  1. Slim Fit Shirt

Does your dad like cycling? If he does, he will be delighted with this bike fabric print from Cleta fabric collection by AGF studio. Add a little leather pocket and it's the perfect Father’s day gift! Click here for the sewing pattern

  1. Stash away fabric bins

These fabric organizers will come handy either for your dad’s office or garage. Help de-clutter his space by sewing a few fabric bins for him.



Do you want to give something special to your dad but you don’t have enough time to sew? Don’t worry, you can still give him cute items with AGF prints. Take a look at these phone cases, laptop sleeves, cups or other items on Pat’s Bravo Society 6 page. Surprise your dad with a sweet and useful gadget!

I hope that you will choose one item from the list and surprise your dad with Handmade gift!

Let us know in comments how do you celebrate this special day and what are you going to give to your dad this year.

Happy Sewing!