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History of the sewing machine

Hey there makers!

I hope everyone is doing very good after the Memorial Day long weekend! As you all know we came back from Spring Quilt Market 2016 last week. I have to say I had a blast with all of my coworkers. Besides having fun and getting to network with nice people,I had the opportunity to see different types of sewing machines which made me very curious about the history of it.  It’s crazy how this industry has changed over the years!  I remember when my grandmother used  a Singer sewing machine with a wooden base and everything was done manually. Today, most of the sewing machines have touch screens, can be connected to the computer and create all kinds of custom stitches. I love that the sewing and quilting industry have become very modern and it inspires makers to be more creative with their projects. While reading about the history of the sewing machine I was so impressed that I decided to share what I learned with all of you, so I made this infographic to make that long story, short and fun!



If you know more interesting facts about the history of the sewing machine, feel free to share them with us!

I Hope you enjoyed this and learned something new!


Lots of love,