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Networking to Increase Reach

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Each and every Art Gallery Fabric Fan that passes through our social media channels or inbox, is a valuable part of the #AGFfamily 


We want you to get to know each other, a little more. Being able to connect with you... seeing your AGF project images, and watching your sewing journeys is what fills our hearts here at AGF . Having a network full of like minds, and being able to connect with those individuals is an amazing opportunity. So, why aren't more of us taking advantage of it? Lately, Facebook and Instagram have made it a lot harder for everyone to stay connected with their friends and fans. 

As I write this, the saying "It's not about what you know, but who you know." keeps ringing in my ear. You can learn so much from the people that you interact and connect with...that's your "who you know". It's about time you create your own sewing circle. Just typing that gets me excited! Consider this blog your morning cup of coffee, with an extra scoop of power. We're about to help you network, to increase your net worth ;)

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We live in a generation that's oozing with technology, and networks. [ I'm kind of surprised that humans haven't evolved into a 6 fingered species by now, to type more words per minute ] We should really be utilizing the hundreds of daily opportunities that are knocking on our social media pages. So we're going to give you a few tips to help you create your very own unstoppable, ultra cool, top of the thread, sewing network. Ok, ok...we'll cut the small talk and get started.


Facebook Groups

Are you a part of a sewing or quilting group on Facebook? 

Facebook groups are such a great way to ensure that you're seeing your friends work, and reading their advice [ or need of advice ]

With all of the new changes with Facebook and Instagram's alogrithm, it's hard to know whether your friends are really seeing that awesome AGF dress you just created, or the quilt that you worked on for months. Creating your own group on Facebook can help with that. When you create a Facebook group, you are able to add all of your friends, or just some [ we suggest only adding the friends that you know are interested in that subject, ex: sewing, quilting, fabric, etc. ] to that group. 

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Name your group something that lets people know what the group is about, like: "Quilters Show and Tell" for example.  Once you add your beloved friends, you can start discussions related to that topic, post pictures of your work, and ask or give advice. The best part? Your friends that are members of that group will now get a notification when you post something inside of that group, and vice versa. Group members can add their own friends, even if their friends aren't your friends. Pretty cool huh? You just multiplied your social media reach! You pretty much just started your own club. You're cool. You're a pioneer. You're in control of who sees your work. You got this. But now, do you have your fabric?

...please stand with us, as we scream:


Don't forget to look for other similar groups on Facebook, using the search tool at the top of your main page. Type in a key word, and groups related to that word will show up. Join other groups, and post your AGF projects there too. You can invite your friends to your newly found groups as well!

 With my fist held high,

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