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Makers Unite! - How to promote your handmade products on Instagram!


 There have been "sew" many new things brewing here at the AGF Headquarters. From 2016 fabric collection reveals, to Quilt Market preperations. Our goal is to really and truly make a connection with YOU, our dearest makers and designers that continue to make AGF what is today.
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Creating a new project with  AGF fabrics is really exciting! Showing your latest project to the world can be even more exciting...I mean, your pretty much showing the world what your own two hands [ ok, and maybe a sewing machine ] have created. There's passion under those threads, and persistence soaked into the fabric. There's nothing small about that accomplishment, and we want to hear your horns toot a little louder! [ lol, yes I just said that ] So post as many pictures as you can. Show us your sewing process, your inspirations, and let us hear your sewing advice along the way. Your fans want to engage with you, every step of the way.

There's nothing quite like getting encouragement and sweet comments from your friends and fans about your latest sewing project, right? By now, you've probably started your very own business, doing what you love. We're so proud of you, because we know how much hard work and determination that takes. We don't ever want you to loose that passion and drive, and since we're family, we thought we'd pass on a few tips to help you keep your passion alive and push you a little further to the top of the maker ladder.  We wish nothing more than to see your business flourish, and we want you to know that AGF is here... every step of the way.

 Let's start with Instagram posts:

These tips will help you get more exposure on Instagram with your Art Gallery fabrics project/product photography

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Using Bright Pictures: 

Below is an image of a bag that was created by our in-house designers using the AGF Chalk and Paint fabric collection, by Sew Caroline

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The image on your left was taken in a very poorly lit room, and the picture looks very dark and gloomy. The bag is beautifully made, however the dark appearance of the image makes the bag a lot less appealing to the eye.

The picture on your right was taken near a window, with lots of natural light hitting the bag to give it a much brighter and beautiful appearance. Do you see the difference a little light can make?  A lot of times, people assume they need fancy lighting equipment to achieve professional looking product you know...all you really need is the natural light of the sun, and a little patience to practice. We will also plead with you [please, please] to not use filters on your beautiful AGF product pictures! Filters alter to true look of the fabric, and give your image a very "generic" feel. So please be kind, and leave the filters behind ;)

Once you take the perfect picture of your new AGF project [get your favorite AGF fabric online, hereyour going to want to share it with the world, but of course! Be sure to check out the simple list of hashtags to consider using when posting your image so that more people can find your post. 


Creating Cute Picture Set Ups That Sell:

Below is a picture of an apron made by our AGF in-house designers.

The apron was created using The Denim Studio fabric collection.

Blog post pic 3final!

Notice how the apron is placed in a decorated scene? Rather than hanging the apron on a plain colored wall or table, it is displayed in a more "natural" environment. If this were a jacket or handbag, it might be hanging on a coat rack or sitting on a nice chair. Don't be intimidated, setting up product scenes are so fun! Let your creativity unwind. We find the coolest scene accessories at local thrift can find some super cool and funky things, for a great deal! If you happen to create your next product shot using this advice, we would love to see! Use the hashtag #AGFTips and we'll be sure to let you know what a beautiful job you've done. Speaking of hashtags, check out the following list of suggested hashtags to use on your AGF project posts. 

How To Use Hashtags To promote Your Products:

AGF Hashtags

These hashtags can be used with any project containing Art Gallery Fabrics. Using these hashtags will help you better connect with other makers using AGF, and will also help us find your project pictures and posts so that we can share them on our social media platforms...because we love to brag about our AGF family!







Fabric Collection Hashtags:

#[insert fabric collection name here]Fabrics 


#IWant[insert fabric collection name here] 

Download your very own "I WANT" graphic from our FREE Download Library.

(Great to use to let your fabric shops know you want to buy Art Gallery fabrics, tag them!)


#ILove[insert fabric collection name here]Fabrics

#IGot[insert fabric collection name here]Fabrics

(Great to use when your AGF package arrives!)


ex: "This new skirt I just created with the Playground Fabric collection by Amy Sinibaldi from AGF is just perfect for my daughters next picture day at school!" #ILoveAGF #IGotPlaygroundFabrics #PlaygroundFabrics #AmySinibaldi #AGF #Skirt #Fashion #ChildrensClothing #ChildrensFashion #DIY #SewingProject"

If you want to post the name of the collection's fabric designer in a hashtag, but you're not sure who the designer is, you can always find it on the AGF website. Posting the designer's name as a hashtag also gives the fabric designer a chance to see what others are making with her fabric collections. The designer may even re-post your never know! Hashtags are a great marketing tool to help you and your business be seen in the eyes of people that may not normally come across your posts. 

We know that each and every one of you have your own niche in the sewing world. Some of you make children's clothes, some make hand bags, some make children's toys and accessories, and of course we have our beloved quilters...the list goes on! Be sure to use appropriate hashtags that include those specific categories as well. For example, #KidsClothing or #Quilting. If you are selling your work, then consider using hashtags such as #Shop #OnlineShopping #BuyMe, etc. If  you don't want to over load your caption with hashtags, remember that you can add as many hashtags as you'd like, and then go back and delete them from the caption after a few hours. Don't forget that you can, and should, also create your own hashtags to brand your new business. 

Practicing the use of proper hashtags on social media will give you a better chance to be seen in the eyes of potential customers and/or fans. A good rule to follow is, only use hashtags that are popular [unless the hashtag is being used to brand your company]. To check if a hashtag is popular or trending simply type the hashtag into the search bar of your Instagram and a number will show up next to that hashtag to show you how many posts are listed under it. The higher the number, the more popular that hashtag is.

See example below:

Insta example 1

We really hope these tips have helped you get a better idea of how to market your new business or personal crafting identity on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. We will be posting more helpful tips like this to give our AGF makers that extra push to keep your dreams alive. Be sure to leave comments below with your own personal tips for your fellow Art Gallery Fabric makers, quilters and crafters. Let's help each other out, we're family after all. #AGFfamily

Oh, and did you know that we send out helpful tips like this through our newsletters? There's so many other goodies, only available through the AGF Newsletter...Be sure to sign up so that you're not left our of the loop!




With tons of love, 

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