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Introducing the ColorFun Blog Series


Hey there fabric lovers!

With Quilt Market around the corner, our sewing machines have been running at full speed! But this doesn’t stop us from sharing some fabric news! We had to take a short break to tell you about our new ColorFun blog series. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to mix prints and match colors, even when they’re the same hues. Like with any new skill you learn, it takes practice and time to become great.

Art Gallery Fabrics_color fun logo_green fabric

But don’t worry! You probably know that at AGF we like to make life easier for our makers. Therefore, we’ve prepared this Colorfun blog series to help you match your favorite prints and discover new ones! Every month we’ll feature a curated bundle with fabrics from new and older collections in a specific color. To kick start the series, we’re starting with green fabrics!

Art Gallery Fabrics_Colorfun_April_Green Fabrics_2

This selection of green fabrics features (listed from left to right):

We chose green fabrics for April because it reminded us of all the spring trees blooming, the grass growing, and because it’s a fresh color for the season. Since we were thinking of nature when we chose the color, we decided to pick prints that had organic shapes and florals to keep a consistent look throughout the bundle. Can you imagine all the mini quilts and home décor you can make with these pretties? We’re already envisioning placemats with matching napkins. (❤‿❤)

Art Gallery Fabrics_green fabric bundle


CONGRATULATIONS Mary Jane, you've won the ColorFun green fabric bundle! Check your email.

If you have a new love for green fabrics, you can add this pretty little bundle to your stash by entering our GIVEAWAY!

To enter:

Simply, leave a comment telling us what you would make with these fresh green fabrics. Giveaway ends May 4th at 3pm EST. The winner will be chosen using and will be announced on this post.

We hope you enjoyed the first Colorfun blog post! Feel free to let us know what you think. Stay tuned for next month’s color!



The Art of Mutual Learning: Curiosity & Sewing

To all the sewists out there,

You are all super talented and inspire me with the beautiful projects you make every day. Thank you! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the Social Media Coordinator here at Art Gallery Fabrics. Along with the rest of the team, I’m the one who gets to show you all the possibilities that can happen with our fabrics. From inspiring you with beautiful pictures on instagram to planning fun giveaways on our social media platforms, it’s always great to interact with all the amazing people in the sewing community!

For a girl who doesn’t sew, seeing the details that go into quilts and all the “Me Made” outfits that sewists post makes it tempting to learn. I had been suppressing my urge to sew for a while but, after working at AGF for a year, I’ve finally decided to give it a try. Recently, Lauv one of our product designers wrote a blog post explaining her sewing journey at AGF and how she will teach me how to sew. You’re probably thinking that one day I just got up from my desk and said “Lauv I want to learn how to sew” and it just happened. In reality, my dive into sewing happened because of Lauv’s curiosity.

Lauv, is one of the most curious people I’ve ever met. She loves asking questions and coming up with interesting ideas for us to do as a company and as colleagues. Since Lauv has been working at AGF for a few years, she’s usually my go to person when I have questions about sewing. We’ve always had a great relationship because I love answering people’s questions, I like BIG ideas, and we share a passion for art.

One day, we were talking about artsy things and mini quilts and she proposed teaching me how to sew by making a mini quilt. I always felt that quilts were pieces of fine art, so I quickly agreed to the proposal. Since I was an Art major in college, the thought of making something from scratch with a new medium seemed really exciting! In the past I did photography, digital collages, and some sculptures; now I’ll have sewing in my list of creative skills. (✿◠‿◠)

Musician & Boss
I love capturing people's interactions and candid moments in my personal photography.

I can’t wait to begin learning and sharing my work in progress through the AGF blog. Now the big questions for all of you is…

What’s your best tip/advice for a beginning sewist?

‘Til we meet again!



Sew in a Secret Garden with Lavish Fabrics by Katarina Roccella


Hi there fabulous sewists!

There comes a time where we release the final fabric collection of the season. It’s an exciting time because we have the opportunity to reminisce about all the fabric collections that were released from October to April and we begin to prepare for the next line-up of collections. For this reason, we’re super excited to release Lavish by Katarina Roccella! Although this is the last fabric collection of this season it’s definitely not the least!


Lavish is filled with delicate florals, watercolor brushstrokes, and a touch of elegance. Personally, I’m a fan of Katarina’s work and when I saw that this collection combines the right touch of femininity and artsiness, I instantly fell in love. Katarina uses her signature saturated colors mixed with softer shades, and elements from nature that will make you feel like you’re sewing in a secret garden.

ArtGalleryFabrics_Lavish Fabric Collection_Girls_15

Plus, this collection is the perfect addition to your spring fabric stash. Take a glimpse at the look book and feast your eyes with tons of quilts, garments, and home décor ideas.


By the way, did you see this stunning quilt? The FREE QUILT PATTERN is available in the look book, just for you!

ArtGalleryFabrics_Lavish_FREE Quilt Pattern_1

Don’t forget to mix and match all the beautiful prints in Lavish with a few blenders! Check out this cheat sheet filled with AGF Elements that coordinate with this fabric collection.

Lavish Blenders

But most importantly, don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY! You'll have a chance to win a FAT QUARTER BUNDLE of the full collection. WOOHOO!

Lavish Giveaway Graphic


CONGRATULATIONS Silvia, you've won the fat quarter bundle of Lavish fabrics! Check your email.

To enter:

Browse through the Lavish lookbook and leave a comment below, telling us what you would make with this delicate fabric collection.

Giveaway ends April 27th at 3pm EST. The winner will be chosen using and will be announced on this post.


Stay tuned for all of the Quilt Market preparations! (✿◠‿◠)


Happy Sewing!



10 Spring Dress Patterns You'll Love

Hi there makers!

How are those spring sewing projects going, so far? Here at the AGF HQ, we’ve started revving up our sewing machines for Quilt Market! Yay! As we look through the window of our sewing room, the grass is greener, the palm trees are swaying in the breeze, and the weather hit 80 degrees. That’s right, 80 DEGREES! Welcome to spring in South Florida (we’re sure we’ll get some rain along the way).

For many, spring is the season where the flowers begin to bloom, the weather gets warmer, and we can all sew cute outfits for picnics and walks in the park. One thing I love about the spring is that you can wear pretty dresses everywhere. There’s just something about wearing dresses that makes me feel fancy! If you are thinking of updating your wardrobe or simply want to do some selfish sewing, here’s a list of ten dress patterns that I’m sure you’ll love for spring!

Spring patterns 1-5

  1. Misses' Wrap Dresses, Belt and Sash by Butterwick

This lovely dress pattern was featured in our Heart Melodies lookbook. The Misses' Wrap Dresses, Belt and Sash pattern comes with six styles you can sew combined with three kinds of sashes to coordinate with the dress. In the version we made for the lookbook, we choose a style with short sleeves and extended the length to give it a feminine boho feel. Plus, doesn’t this pretty Petal Strings Romance print from the Heart Melodies collection, look lovely? I can imagine wearing this dress to Sunday brunch with friends.

  1. Josie Sundress by Christine Haynes

The Josie Sundress by Christine Haynes has a great mix of modern and elegant details, yet it’s casual enough to wear anywhere. This pattern consists of a squared neckline, an empire waist bodice, and center box pleats throughout the skirt. My favorite part about this dress is that it comes with POCKETS! I’m a practical kind of girl, and I highly dislike carrying large purses so any garment that has pockets instantly becomes my favorite. Now let’s talk about the fabric! This pattern was featured in our Coastline Fabrics by Sharon Holland look book. We chose to make it with the Netting Twine print to give the dress a classic beachy feel.  

  1. Alder Shirt Dress by Grainline Studio

Let’s talk about the Alder Shirt Dress by Grainline Studio! We featured this pattern in the Sketchbook Fabrics by Sharon Holland look book, and we’ve loved this dress ever since. This dress combines a classic A-line silhouette with a preppy feel. We used the Delineament Indigo print to give the dress a whimsy look.

  1. The Staple Dress by April Rhodes

All the AGF girls and I can agree that the Staple Dress pattern by one of our designers, April Rhodes is our go-to dress. It can be styled casually or dressed up. Oh, and did I mention it sews beautifully with our light weight voile! For the Fleet and Flourish by Maureen Cracknell look book, we decided to use the Swifting Flora Swell print, styled it with boots, and added a thin chained belt for a boho look. Doesn’t the model look like a stylish traveler?

  1. The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline 

The Tank Dress by one of our fabric designers, Sew Caroline is great for a breezy spring day! This pattern also has a simple silhouette that’s versatile for any occasion. And yes, it’s great for beginners! Sew Caroline herself, is modeling this cute dress in the Dripping Paint Cooling print from her latest collection, Chalk and Paint. Check out another version of this dress in the Chalk and Paint lookbook.

Spring patterns 6-10

  1. Inari Tee Dress by Named Clothing 

The Inari Tee Dress by Named Clothing is one of those dresses you wear during a laid-back day. Its simple straight silhouette is ideal for beginner sewists and only uses 1 ½ yards of fabric. I can imagine wearing this dress to do weekend errands or to walk on the beach. This versatile dress can also be dressed up! For example, in our Skopelos Fabrics by Katarina Roccella look book we used the Greeka Skouro print for the dress, glammed it up with a gold statement necklace, and finished off the look with gold gladiator sandals.

  1. Misses’ Dress in Three Lengths by Simplicity

As you can see, we gave the Misses’ Dress in Three Lengths a spring twist with our Painterly Wash print from the Denim Studio. What’s great about this pattern is that it can be made for a casual or formal occasion. We chose the version with a slight hi-low hem, for a more relaxed feel.

  1. The Davie Dress By Sewaholic Patterns

I’m sure the Davie dress by Sewaholic Patterns will instantly become your go-to dress! It’s simple, comfortable, and can be made with knit fabrics. What’s great about this dress is that you can layer it with a blazer or cardigan for a business casual look or you can wear it with a cute pair of sandals for a casual look. We gave this dress a girlie touch, with the Library Gardens print featured in the Paperie Fabrics by Amy Sinibaldi lookbook. Isn’t it adorable?

  1. Petit dress and belt by Butterwick 

If you’re looking for something a bit dressier for a spring luncheon or dinner, the Petit dress and belt by Butterwick is a great classic dress. All the AGF girls loved this dress in the Collar Ends Bronze print from the Artisan Collection by Pat Bravo. Can you believe it’s made with canvas?

  1. Cambie Dress by Sewaholic Patterns

Last but not least, in this list of awesome patterns is the Cambie Dress by Sewaholic Patterns. This pattern comes in two styles and has a slight vintage feel. Once completed, your dress will have a pretty sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves, and either an A-line skirt or a full gathered skirt. For the Pastel Thrift look book, we chose the version with the full gathered skirt. Oh, how about the fabric? For this dress we chose the Type-Plaid Absurdity print. I love how the touch of yellow in this print gives the dress a fresh look!

I hope everyone enjoyed this list of beautiful dress patterns. Let us know if you have a favorite and if you’ve sewn any of these patterns before. Don’t forget to share your amazing spring creations with us on social media with the hashtag #ArtGalleryFabrics.  Now back to Quilt Market preparations!

Happy Sewing!



The Art of The Mini Quilt & The Art of Mutual Learning



2016 marks my fifth year working at Art Gallery Fabrics. For those of you who may be wondering what I do here: I wear many hats, but my main job is to be a product designer (fashion/quilts/home decor), and to oversee our product design team with the guidance of our creative director. When you reach certain milestones, it is of human nature to reflect on what has changed and what has been learned. I must confess that when I started, I had no idea about quilts or the quilting community. I majored in Fashion Design because I needed to understand how to manipulate fabric (I like making things with my hands) into the designs that I wanted to exist in this world. Learning how to quilt has expanded that desire even further and I am eager to keep creating.

This is the first quilt I ever designed:


I sewed it in the original colouring which was made with Hyperreal Garden by Pat Bravo

And I also made this mini one with Pure Elements as a going away gift for one of our co-workers (she loves Sonny Angels, of course) :


I was having some issues with the tension that day...

But before it becomes an auto-biography, I want to say that the main point is that I have learned SO much about quilting, both designing and sewing (I still have much more learning to do), and that the inevitable has happened: I have also fallen in love with quilts. It's impossible not to, once you understand the tradition that it carries, the amount of work and skill that it takes, and also that there is a style for everyone, just like in art, which is why I irrefutably want to say that to me patchwork and quilting are an art form.

Here at the studio we like to learn from each other. I'm an asker... the auto-correct is saying that word is wrong and perhaps it sounds the same, but I'm not going to correct it. I like to ask, and not only Google... I like to ask people/my workmates, who by the way are so knowledgeable it blows my mind. Because I ask about so many things (mainly about gadget/software topics that seem to be changing every other minute), I also like to answer, and teach whenever I can.

One of those whom I am constantly bombarding with question is Steph. Steph oversees the Social Media & Marketing department, and knows pretty much everything about Siri + many other things. Steph and I share an admiration for all forms of art, and guess what? She wants to learn how to sew.

So because this is a topic on which I can be more of an answerer (see samples above), we agreed that I would teach her the basics (very basics) of quilting, and we thought it would be great to share our journey through a series of blog posts since we will each be making a mini quilt.

Please stay tuned as we share the first... shall we call it "episode" (?) of this learning collaboration.




If you do, please comment below, and we'll all learn from each other.



*The header is a cropped photo of The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí


Networking to Increase Reach

For blog


Each and every Art Gallery Fabric Fan that passes through our social media channels or inbox, is a valuable part of the #AGFfamily 


We want you to get to know each other, a little more. Being able to connect with you... seeing your AGF project images, and watching your sewing journeys is what fills our hearts here at AGF . Having a network full of like minds, and being able to connect with those individuals is an amazing opportunity. So, why aren't more of us taking advantage of it? Lately, Facebook and Instagram have made it a lot harder for everyone to stay connected with their friends and fans. 

As I write this, the saying "It's not about what you know, but who you know." keeps ringing in my ear. You can learn so much from the people that you interact and connect with...that's your "who you know". It's about time you create your own sewing circle. Just typing that gets me excited! Consider this blog your morning cup of coffee, with an extra scoop of power. We're about to help you network, to increase your net worth ;)

For blog 2

We live in a generation that's oozing with technology, and networks. [ I'm kind of surprised that humans haven't evolved into a 6 fingered species by now, to type more words per minute ] We should really be utilizing the hundreds of daily opportunities that are knocking on our social media pages. So we're going to give you a few tips to help you create your very own unstoppable, ultra cool, top of the thread, sewing network. Ok, ok...we'll cut the small talk and get started.


Facebook Groups

Are you a part of a sewing or quilting group on Facebook? 

Facebook groups are such a great way to ensure that you're seeing your friends work, and reading their advice [ or need of advice ]

With all of the new changes with Facebook and Instagram's alogrithm, it's hard to know whether your friends are really seeing that awesome AGF dress you just created, or the quilt that you worked on for months. Creating your own group on Facebook can help with that. When you create a Facebook group, you are able to add all of your friends, or just some [ we suggest only adding the friends that you know are interested in that subject, ex: sewing, quilting, fabric, etc. ] to that group. 

For blog 4
Name your group something that lets people know what the group is about, like: "Quilters Show and Tell" for example.  Once you add your beloved friends, you can start discussions related to that topic, post pictures of your work, and ask or give advice. The best part? Your friends that are members of that group will now get a notification when you post something inside of that group, and vice versa. Group members can add their own friends, even if their friends aren't your friends. Pretty cool huh? You just multiplied your social media reach! You pretty much just started your own club. You're cool. You're a pioneer. You're in control of who sees your work. You got this. But now, do you have your fabric?

...please stand with us, as we scream:


Don't forget to look for other similar groups on Facebook, using the search tool at the top of your main page. Type in a key word, and groups related to that word will show up. Join other groups, and post your AGF projects there too. You can invite your friends to your newly found groups as well!

 With my fist held high,

Signature for blog3