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The Denim Studio/ Hand Stitched Hexagon Coaster Tutorial

Hello Fabric Lovers,

Are you enjoying the beautiful pages of The Denim Studio Fabric Project Catalog?! I know I enjoyed designing and sewing so many of these lovely projects and let me tell you, it was so much fun working with such amazing fabrics. Today I want to share with you a super easy and fun coaster tutorial! I used the blue shades of the solid smooth denims for this project! 




  I paired these wonderful denim fabrics with Aurifil Lana Wool Threads:

Yellow      Images (2)      Blue 3

#8174 - Used on Fabric A    #8930 - Used on Fabric B       #8782 - Used on Fabric C


Fabrics Used:
Fabric A- DEN-S-2001- Indigo Shadow
Fabric B-DEN-S-2003-Afternoon Sail
Fabric C-DEN-S-2004- Infused Hydrangea

Cutting Directions
Makes 3 Coasters

Click Here for Hexagon Template!

Cut Two (2) Hexagon Templates from Fabric A, B, and C
Cut Three (3) 8” squares from Batting

Additional Materials
White Marking Pencil

Aurifil Lana Wool Threads:
# 8174 - Used on Fabric A
# 8930 - Used on Fabric B
# 8782 - Used on Fabric C

Step 1:
Take one set of hexagons from each fabric and place them on top of a 8” square of batting. Starting from the center of your hexagon draw a small hexagon. Echo this small hexagon, making sure to space at least 1/4” between each line. Eye ball it, it is ok if the spacing isn’t perfect it adds to the rustic charm and feel of the coaster.

(Diagram 1)



Step 2:
Hand stitch starting from the center of your coaster out, stitching 1/8” stitches.


Step 3:
For the backing of each coaster I used a different color solid denim then I used for the front. Have fun picking which backing you prefer.

Square off your coaster and place the front and back coaster right sides together and sew at 1/4” all the way around
your piece leaving a small unsewn portion to flip the right side of your coaster out.

Flip right side of your coaster out through the unsewn portion and press. Hand stitch unsewn portion closed!

And Viola you are finished with the Hand Stitched Coaster made with AGF Solid Smooth Denim!



These coasters would make for a great hostess gift or house warming gift! Or just make them for yourself! Have fun sewing with our Solid Smooth Denims! We love to see all the wonderful projects you make with AGF Fabrics so be sure to share with us and tell us about your experience sewing with The Denim Studio Fabrics! 


Still Next Time,