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EQ Stash 2016 Download

Hey beautiful makers!

I hope everyone has been having tons of fun seeing all of our newest collections! So far, my favorite release has been The Denim Studio because this new substrate has tons of possibilities (and I love imagining all the pretty clothes I could make). But enough about me, let’s talk a bit about how using a little technology with your quilting can make life a bit easier.

A few months ago, I told you about Electric Quilt 7, an amazing software that lets you plan out your quilt designs (you can read more here). EQ7 can help you save money and time by accurately calculating all the fabrics you’ll need for your favorite quilts. Better yet, the software comes with an extension program that has tons of pre-scanned fabrics made to scale, so you can import them into your custom designs. The extension is called EQ Stash Online and it’s released four times a year.

EQ 7 2016 blog graphic
Purchase EQ Stash here

Today, we’re featuring the latest 2016 download of EQ stash! Get ready to design beautiful quilts with some of our lovely AGF collections! Here is a list of the collections included in the download:

For those of you who can't wait to sew a denim quilt, The Electric Quilt Company has shared a free download of The Denim Studio (Denim Prints only) just for you! Simply follow the directions below to install the extension into EQ7.

  1. Download the .fab file
  2. Copy the .fab file and paste it to My Documents>My EQ7> User
  3. Once you see the .fab file appear in your User folder, you can open EQ7 and the fabrics will be in the “My Library” section of the Fabric Library.

I hope everyone has tons of fun planning out new quilts with EQ! As always, stay creative and thanks for inspiring!