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Denim & The Little Ones


Creating outfits is awesome. Creating miniature outfits is awesome and adorable. I do not have children, nor do I see myself having one now, but I love them. They're fun, and make conversations refreshing. They also make clothes look MUCH cooler, and I've always liked designing for them. Tiny skinny jeans and vests (see below)? Ahh yes! I'd also like to make a pair for my niece with Puzzle Sandblast which is my favourite print from The Denim Studio



For the past months, I have had the pleasure of working with various children's wear pattern-designers & makers. Most of them collaborate in our lookbooks and bring so much sweetness with their creations. It is amazing, most of them are mums, and simultaneously follow their dream of a creative hand-crafted life.

With the launch of The Denim Studio, a lot of makers were really excited to try it out and make it their own. Of course we were excited as well, designing and sewing so many new products that our lookbook was about twice the size of a regular one. Because of that, I wanted to share a few of the photos of denim products that some of these awesome ladies have made for their little ones.


Katie Skoog (Simple Life Co).

Katie worked with some of our Solid Smooth denims in the lighter colours (Frosted Sage & Infused Hydrangea), and made delicate garments that would also be comfortable for the girls- who by the way are awesome models.


Here she paired it with some Paperie knit & soft lace:



Laura Scaramella (Simple Life Co)

Laura's twins have made an appearance in a few lookbooks, and they're always so much fun and have this nonchalant way about them, it must come from having a twin.



Alison Brorsen (Because of Brenna)

Ali's daughter, Brenna, always brings softness to all photos, even in Avantgarde she displayed such calm. Here, the Painterly Wash maxi dress plays perfectly with that.



Alexis Wright (My Sweet Sunshine Studio)

Alexis made two different versions of a shorts pattern, one with a Solid Smooth, and the other one with Casted Loops (printed) - Miss T (her daughter) is a bit older, but she still looks awesome.




We also made other tiny garments, like this one below which is plain awesome - i realise i've over-used the word, but really, isn't it awesome?



Of course i'd love to see what you make, or read what you'd like to make for your little ones (whether they're your own, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, best friend's babies) - share away!


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