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Aurifil and AGF: A Sewing Paradise

Hello Makers of the world, 

We hope everyone had a wonderful week, and what a better way to end it than announcing our next joint giveaway. A few months ago, we decided to re-brand our Aurifil boxes to better match with the identity of each AGF designer, and i think we did just that. Each of the boxes (large & small) come in a variety of  thread weights, that was hand picked and curated by the designers to better match their designs and other AGF collections.

Aurifil Thread Boxes Mixed

We have a feeling you might have a thing for fabric and thread, so why not have a giveaway, right? You can enter to win the following prizes: 

  • A mixed selection of prints from the featured designer's collection(s) with coordinating AGF solids. (15 fat quarters)
  • A large box of the designer's Aurifil threads (12 spools)
  • Small box of the designer's Aurifil threads (10 spools)

This giveaway will run for 10 days (weekends not included) starting Feb 1st. Each day a different designer will be featured, so feel free to re-post all the images you want. Each winner will be announced the following day, in the caption of that day's giveaway. (ei: Monday's winner will be announced on Tuesday and so on so and forth.)  

How to participate: please read carefully, as all steps will be verified. Private IG accounts aren't eligible to participate. This giveaway is open to those outside USA. 

  1. Follow on IG - @ArtgalleryFabrics, @aurifilthread + the AGF designer displayed in the image. (a different designer will be featured everyday)
  2. Tag 5 friends that you think, would love to participate in this giveaway.
  3. Re-post the image of the the bundle you will like to win, along with 2 Aurifill boxes. (as displayed in the image)
  4. When re-posting the image, let us know why, you would like to be the lucky winner of this $150+ prize. 
  5. Remember to use #AURIFILforAGF to ensure your post comes out in our daily pool. 

This giveaway is valued at $150+! Get ready to be in sewing paradise when creating with Aurifil threads and Art Gallery Fabrics. Good luck!



Meet Projectfree2fly -Winner of the Bound challenge.

Hey everyone, 

We hope you are doing alright, a few months ago we hosted the "Bound To Create The Perfect Bag Challenge" and as part of the prizes, the winner was going to be featured in the our blog, how cool right? Well, that moment is finally here, we hope you have fun getting to know Projectfree2fly. So, without further ado, we present to you our mini interview with Hailey and Joanna from Projectfree2fly.


What is the story behind Projectfree2fly?

Hailey Johnston (Founder & President): Free 2 Fly was born out of a desire to start a creative business that would exist to do one thing: help women in our community who are unemployed, but desire to rise above their current circumstance. Many women face circumstances that are holding them back from reaching their full potential and we want to not only encourage them, but also show them how they can rise above and move beyond the circumstance. There are so many women that have dreams and goals for their lives, but either don’t believe they could ever achieve them or don’t even know how to start pursuing them. Free 2 Fly desires to support, nurture and empower women so when they begin to voice their dreams and hopes, they learn to realize that they can be attainable. 

From transitioning out of homelessness to facing an unwed crisis pregnancy, we believe that women can find purpose and value within our community in spite of the trials they face. We believe that teaching them how to sew is just a catalyst for increased self-esteem and the realization that they can learn a new skill and experience success.  We believe the foundations we help them build will equip them for long-term success and sustainability in the workforce.  Free 2 Fly is a Non-Profit because our main objective is to build a business and organization that serves women in our community.  Upon exiting our program, we believe these women will have the foundations they need to succeed and thrive. 


What has been your most memorable experience working at Projectfree2fly?

Joanna Ivey (Creative Director): There are two things that I would consider to be the most memorable so far.  The first thing would be the relationships that I have formed with each of the women. They have really allowed me (us) into their lives and we are learning that they so desperately want to be loved and valued.  The second thing is watching them grow in the skill of sewing.  It’s been amazing to watch them come into the program with no knowledge or experience of sewing and to see how much they have learned.  They have really grown and pushed themselves to learn and to keep up with me and what products we are producing.  I’m so challenge by their desire to keep learning and not to give up on the hard parts of sewing.  I believe it is also translating over into their lives.  They realize that hard work does pay off and that it can change the course of one’s life. I’m so blessed to be able to teach what I know and also be able to keep challenging myself with learning new techniques.  I  love that they tell me they miss sewing when we have been off a few days and how they get excited to learn something NEW! 


Explain your creative process when designing or coming up with ideas for your products?

Joanna Ivey: Oh gosh, this is a hard one for me! Really it’s been about what I want and need. So I would say that all my products have evolved from those desires more than just trying to be creative. I always think about the functionality of a bag and if it will really serve the purpose I want or need. I think all my designs or bag styles have come from that place! I do think when I receive or see NEW fabrics they can really spur on the creativeness for a new design. It’s all about texture, color, and of course what’s trending.


How did you find out about Art Gallery Fabrics?

Hailey Johnston: When we started researching fabrics and wholesale options for fabrics, we stumbled upon Art Gallery and immediately fell in love with so many designers & collections! When you have so many beautiful options, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you want to offer! Especially when you want one of everything!  Art Gallery’s customer service was also another reason we decided to order from AGF.  We were given such great service and information from the very beginning.


What are some of your favorite AGF prints\ collections\designers?

Hailey Johnston: Some of our favorites designers are April Rhodes, Bonnie Christine & Bari J. April Rhodes' Serape & Bonnie Christine's Everblooming Fig are definitely two of our current favorites. We feel that each of these designers offer so many gorgeous prints and color schemes!



We hope you enjoyed the interview with ProjectFree2fy! Thank you to everybody that participated (makers, voters) and followers. Until the next one!




Make Your World Go 'Round with Round Elements


Hey everyone and happy Tuesday!

I hope you're doing alright! We are happy to introduced our the new addition to our elements, Round Elements. We first announced this new blender back in September before Quilt Market, with a great teaser, remember?


Because everyone needs a new Element, right!? 😉 #ArtGalleryFabrics #roundelementsfabrics

A photo posted by We Are Fabrics (@artgalleryfabrics) on

We are happy to say our Round Elements are a perfect match for all of our collections, adding simplicity and elegance to the signature AGF color palette we all love. They come in a range of 12 colors in cotton, and 4 colors in Knits. This is why, we decided to put this inspirational lookbook together to show you the versatility our new element. Stay tuned for the giveaway down below!

4 lucky winners will have the opportunity to choose from a fat quarter bundle (cotton - 12 colors) OR 4 yards of Knits (4 colors)

Round Elements Giveaway_edit

For this giveaway we are doing things a little differently, so please read carefully. 

All participants have 4 ways to enter this give away, and this is how you can enter it:

  • Leave us a comment (in this blog post) with the project you would like to make with this new substrate. (1st entry)
  • Share the lookbook cover image and\or giveaway image on your Instagram - @ArtGalleryFabrics (2nd entry), twitter - @ArtGalleryFab (3rd entry) and Facebook - Art Gallery Fabrics (4th entry) make sure to: @ us and use the hash-tags: #RoundElements & #ArtGalleryFabrics. 
  • You must follow us in the social media outlet you are sharing the image. (Private accounts no eligible) 
  • Open to those outside USA

Giveaways ends  Jan 29 at 4 pm EST. Winners will be chosen using and announced on this very post. 


Happy week everyone,


Get Inspired to Create with AGF Denim

Hey there, makers!

As you already know, we can hardly contain ourselves to show more projects from The Denim Studio! Although, it’s not time to share all of our denim surprises yet, we wanted to get your inspiration buds tingling.

It’s seems like yesterday since we did the big reveal at the 2015 Quilt Market in Houston! We can't believe how fast time has passed. Hence, if you didn’t get to see denim booth, here is a little re-cap video with a few projects made with denim. We hope you like it!

In addition, Karly from Paisley Roots is hosting a children’s clothing blog tour. The lovely ladies participating in this tour will be featuring various garments made with a variety of our denim. We’re already swooning over some of the projects! Here is a list of all the participating sewists so you can see what they thought about The Denim Studio.

Denim Studio Kids Blog Tour GraphicJanuary 19th | Paisley Roots

January 20th | Phat Quarters

January 21st | Because of Brenna

January 22nd | Phat Quarters

January 25th | Handmade Boy

January 26th | Petit A Petit

January 27th | Tichy Threads

Stay tuned to all of our social media accounts for more news about denim in the upcoming weeks (in stores, February 2016). Don't forget to let us know what you’re excited to make with AGF Denim! As always, stay creative and thanks for inspiring!



Make Waves with Coastline by Sharon Holland


Hello everyone,

As always, we are so excited to present our next collection! This one feels like "home" for us, since we live in South Florida. Let me paint the picture for you... Imagine gentle beach breeze, the waves hitting your feet, and seashells glistening in the sun. Let these thoughts roam your mind as you sew with Coastline by Sharon Holland. A collection inspired by the sea and all of its beauty.


Flip thru this nautical and serene lookbook to find all the inspirational projects we have created for you, remember some have links to patterns + instructions. Enjoy!


Add a little warmth and subtle color to any room with this "Cross Sea Quilt." You can find the FREE PATTERN to this quilt in the lookbook!


Mix and match this breezy collection with some AGF Elements to add the finishing touches to any project.


Don't forget to enter our giveaway! WIN this fat quarter bundle and do a little selfish sewing or make a few things for your loved ones. 

Coastline Giveaway Graphic

| Giveaway Closed |  

CONGRATULATIONS to "Doris McCarty" on winning the Coastline Bundle! 
Check your email.

You can enter the giveaway by simply: 

  • Browsing the Coastline lookbook
  • Leaving a comment below with the project you would like to make.

Giveaways ends January 25th at 3pm EST and the winner will be chosen using and announced on this very post. 


Happy Sewing,



Coastline Fabrics/Oasis Table Runner Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are having a great 2016 so far! This time of year is the coldest time of year so I hope you all are staying warm. To help you think warm thoughts I want to share a table runner called Oasis featuring Coastline Fabrics! Coastline is designed by Sharon Holland and makes you feel like you are on a tropical getaway with the sand between your toes and the wind in your hair! This collection pairs well with our Pure Elements which also helps to make the prints in the collection come to life. So for those of you who can't escape on a tropical getaway here is the next best thing! Grab a drink with a umbrella in it and lets get started!



 Here is what you need to get started: 

Fabric Requirements

Fabric A- CTL-49907- 1/4yd.
Fabric B- CTL-59909 - 1/4yd.
Fabric C- CTL-49903- 1/4yd.
Fabric D- PE-442- 1/8 yd.
Fabric E-PE-464- 1/8 yd
Fabric F-PE-438- 1/8 yd.
Fabric G-426- 1/8 yd.
Fabric H- PE-433- 3/8 yd.
Binding- DEN-S-2003- 152” long- 1/4 yd.
Backing- CTL-49900- 1 2/3 yds.

Cutting Directions

Each piece has 1/4" seam allowance added. 

One (1) 6 1/2” x 6 1/2“ square from Fabric A, B and C
Eight (8) 3 1/2” x 3 1/2“ squares from Fabric A, B and C
Eight (8) 3 7/8” x 3 7/8“ squares from Fabric A, B, and C

One (1) 3 1/2” x 6 1/2“ strip from Fabric D and G
Two (2) 3 7/8” x 3 7/8“ squares from Fabric D and G

Two (2) 3 1/2” x 6 1/2“ strips from Fabric E and F
Four (4) 3 7/8” x 3 7/8“ squares from Fabric E and F

Twelve (12) 3 7/8” x 3 7/8“ squares from Fabric H
Six (6) 3 1/2” x 6 1/2” strips from Fabric H


 Half Square Triangle Construction

To create two half square triangles with Fabric A and Fabric D, take a 3 7/8” square from both fabrics. (Diagram 1)

Place on top with right sides together! Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other. (Diagram 2)

Sew on each side of the line you drew at 1 /4”. Cut on your diagonal line. Press seams open. (Diagram 3)


You will need a total of 4 HST's from the following Fabrics: A/D, A/E, B/E, B/F, C/F, and C/G
You will need a total of 8 HST’s from the following Fabrics: A/H,B/H, and C/H


Block Construction 

Once your HST’s are complete, sew the following rows together: (follow Diagram 4 for fabric placement)


Row 1: Sew a 3 1/2” square from Fabric A to a A/D HST to a 3 1/2” x 6 1/2” strip from Fabric D to a A/D HST to a 3 1/2” square from Fabric A.
Row 2: Sew a A/H HST to a 3 1/2” square from Fabric A to a A/D HST to another A/D HST to a 3 1/2” square from Fabric A to a A/H HST.
Row 3: Sew a A/H HST to a 3 1/2” square from Fabric A to a A/E HST to another A/E HST to a 3 1/2” square from Fabric A to a A/H HST.
Row 4: Sew a 3 1/2” square from Fabric A to a A/E HST to a 3 1/2” x 6 1/2” strip from Fabric E to a A/E HST to a 3 1/2” square from Fabric A.
Once rows are sewn sew row 1 and 2 together and then sew row 3 and 4 together. Set pieces aside.


Sew two sets of A/H HST’s together following Diagram 5.1. Sew each set to a 6 1/2” square from Fabric A.


Next sew a 3 1/2” x 6 1/2” strip from Fabric H to each side of the piece created in Diagram 5.1. (Diagram 5.2) 


 Take pieces made in Diagram 4 and 5.2 and sew together following Diagram 6. Create two more blocks using the remaining fabric pieces, follow table runner illustration as a guide. 



Table Runner Quilting Assembly 

  • Place BACKING FABRIC on a large surface wrong side up. Stretch it with masking tape against that surface. Place batting on top of backing fabric. Place quilt top on top of the batting with right side facing up. Smooth away wrinkles using your hands. Pin all layers together and baste with basting thread, using long stitches. You can also use safety pins to join the layers.
  • Machine or hand quilt starting at the center and working towards the corners. Remember that quilting motifs are a matter of personal preference. Have fun choosing yours! After you finish, trim excess of any fabric batting, squaring the quilt to proceed to bind it.


  • Cut enough strips 1 ½” wide by the width of DEN-S-2003 to make a final strip of 152” long. Start sewing the binding strip in the middle of one of the sides of the quilt, placing the strip right side down and leaving an approximate 5” tail. Sew with ¼” seam allowance (using straight stitch), aligning the strip’s raw edge with the quilt top’s raw edge.
  • Stop stitching ¼” before the edge of the quilt (Diagram B1). Clip the threads. Remove the quilt from under the machine presser foot. Fold the strip in a motion of 45 degrees and upward, pressing with your fingers. (Diagram B2) Hold this fold with your finger; bring the strip down in line with the next edge, making a horizontal fold that aligns with the top edge of the quilt (Diagram B3). Start sewing at ½” of the border, stitching all the layers. Do the same in the four corners of the quilt.
  • Stop stitching before you reach the last 5 or 6 inches. Cut the threads and remove the quilt from under the machine presser foot. Lay the loose ends of the binding flat along the quilt edge, folding the ends back on themselves where they meet. Press them together to form a crease. Using this crease as the stitching line, sew the two open ends of the binding with right sides together (you can help yourself by marking with a pencil if the crease is difficult to see).Trim seam to ¼” and press open. Complete the sewing. Turn binding to back of the quilt, turn raw edge inside and stitch by hand using blind stitch.


Hope this table runner tutorial brought a little warmth to you and your home! Stay tuned for the Coastline Fabric Project Catalog coming soon, where you can find more great projects designed with Coastline fabrics! 

Happy Sewing,