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2015 Fall Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 2 [Pat Bravo + Maureen + Amy + Katarina]
AGF is Nominated for "Best Fabric Brand"

2015 Fall Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 3 [Sharon + Caroline + Bonnie + Bari J.]

Hi everyone, 

Welcome to our last recap of Fall Quilt Market. Imagine gentle beach breeze, the waves hitting your feet, and seashells glistening in the sun. Let these thoughts roam your mind as you sew with Coastline by Sharon Holland. A collection inspired by the sea and all of its beauty. In stores Jan 2016Sharon---Coastline

As you might all know, Caroline Hulse (AKA Sew Caroline) gave birth a few weeks ago and was with us in spirit during market. This collection inspired by innocence, a colorful imagination and artistic surroundings. Let your creative mind run free with Chalk and Paint. In stores Feb 2016


Next in this recap, is Bonnie Christine with her Forest Floor collection (Bonnie also, gave birth to her sweet little Ollie Doe and couldn't make it to market this time around) Enter a whimsical world of wonders from the woods with this collection, it will ignite your curiosity for the forest and all of its natural beauty. Let the sewing adventures begin with Forest Floor! In stores Jan 2016


Last, in our recap is the very artistic Bari J. with her Millie Fleur collection. This collection is overflowing with colors, flowers, and Bari's signature style. Get ready to be inspired with Millie Fleur. In stores Nov 2015


From the whole AGF family we hope you enjoyed visiting, meeting, catching up with every single one of us at QM (and social media). We are definitely eager to start with the new collections and everything that comes with it. From designing and making inspirational projects, to creating lookbooks, tutorials, having collaborations and a few surprises along the way. We are extremely excited for what's coming during the next months. (Ekkkk Denim)

Meanwhile, enjoy this fun video we made for you all!!  

Thanks for your love towards fabrics and see you all next year in Salt Lake City!