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2015 Fall Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 1 [AGF + Canvas + Denim]
2015 Fall Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 3 [Sharon + Caroline + Bonnie + Bari J.]

2015 Fall Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 2 [Pat Bravo + Maureen + Amy + Katarina]

Hey everyone,

I hope you enjoyed part one of our Quilt Market recap. We are ready to show you the first half of the designers and how they translated their collection (and inspiration) into their booth. First, in this recap is, Pat Bravo featuring one of her collection for this season, Dare. A collection decorated with pieces of Pop art and clean bold shapes. Do you Dare to be part of Pat's modern world? In stores now.


As you all know, Maureen Cracknell started as one of our Limited Edition Designers, and is now presenting her second collection, Fleet and Flourish. A collection filled with bold colored florals and soft graphic designs. Let your spirit run free with this beautiful bohemian collection. In stores in December 2015.Maureen---fleet-&-flourish

The latest addition to the AGF gang is Amy Sinibaldi, and she delights us with her first love, books. Amy's love for books come to life with subtle colors and delicate designs. Get ready to sew a beautiful story with Paperie. In Stores Nov 2015

And last in this recap, is Katarina Roccella presenting both of her latest collection. Avantgarde is a collection filled with geometric shapes and bold colors. We invite you to enter Katarina's artistic world inspired by the Avant Garde Art movement. In stores December 2015.


Nina's second collection is Lavish. A collection filled with watercolor brushstrokes and an appreciation of the nearby flora, come together in beautiful colors inspired by the subject itself. Opulent, overflowing petals, stems, buds, and hidden berries make up this flower scented collection and release a fresh and fragrant aroma to delight the eye. In Stores April 2016


We hope you enjoyed part 1 and 2 of the recap, stay tuned for part three next week, where we'll show you the rest of our designers and their beautiful booths. Feel free to leave us your comments and/or questions in the section below....

Until next time.