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2015 Fall Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 2 [Pat Bravo + Maureen + Amy + Katarina]

2015 Fall Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 1 [AGF + Canvas + Denim]

Hi everyone! 

I hope you all are doing fantastic! We just came back from Fall quilt market, and let me tell you it was CRAZY! (and I'm not just talking about sample spree) We had so much fun, even when setting up our booth (minus the sweating LOL) It was so amazing to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, but more importantly (at least for me) putting faces to your usernames on social media (little inside story: i catch my self running up to a few people and saying "I KNOW YOU!" lol) Also, a big "THANK YOU!" to everybody that joined our periscope sessions and participated in the giveaways, the response we received was unbelievable and for that we are oh so, grateful! (Stay tuned for more periscopes to come, in the very near future!)AGF

Since you all love our fabrics so much, we thought it would a great idea to showcase bits and pieces of it with free styled hand drawn frames (all the girls had so much fun drawing these) pair with a bright background to complement each other. I can't tell you enough, the compliments we received for this "simple, yet fantastic" idea. Plus, it's so rewarding when your hard work is recognized! We are extremely thrilled to have won the best booth award for CREATIVITY!


In addition, CANVAS had its own booth, and we went with a closet idea (well, that's where we keep our clothes, right? lol) because we want people to come out of their shell of canvas being an upholstery fabric, it is completely versatile and we want to encourage makers to use it on their garments. So, ladies adventure intto the AGF Canvas world. (and share it, we love to see all kinds of projects) 


And last but not least, in this first recap is the Denim Studio by AGF, our newest substrates. This was the BUZZ during quilt market (Till this day)! It was extremely hard keeping it a secret for so long, from the moment we started this project we wanted to let you all know the GOOD news, but we thought what a better way to end the year than with a BANG! ( And i think we did it!) With our newest substrate, we aim to fulfill your desire for denim! We have been working very hard to reinvent the quintessential American fabric, with an awesome array of 25 new substrates. For the first time ever, we are bringing PRINTED DENIM to the sewing industry. (In stores JANUARY 2016, Ekkkkkk! ) 

We hope you enjoyed our first recap of Quilt Market. Stay tuned for more of tomorrow's tour where you'll get to see Pat's, Maureen, Amy, and Katerina's booth in full detail.