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Framework Quilt [Tutorial]


Hello everyone!

I'm happy to share the Framework Quilt tutorial. This quilt is perfect for the soft winter breeze that is already peaking through the trees, but that still allows us to enjoy some time outdoors.

How about this quilt + a good read (any suggestions?) + a cup of tea?


Finished Size: 60” x 80”

Block size: 10”

Fabric Requirements:

A) SBK-37209 3 YD

-          Twenty-four (24) 12¾”  squares (cut them diagonally)

B) SBK-37208 5/8 YD

-          Seven (7) 9” squares (cut them diagonally)

C) SBK-47203 7/8 YD

-          Eleven (11) 9” squares (cut them diagonally)

D) SBK-47208 1 YD

-          Forty-eight (48) 5” squares

E) SBK-47205 5/8 YD

-          Forty-eight (48) 3¾” squares

F) SBK-37203 5/8 YD

-          Six (6) 9” squares (cut them diagonally)



Take one 12¾” HST from fabric A and lay it on a flat surface as shown in the diagram below, measure from the bottom right corner 5¾” in towards the left side.

Mark the measurement using a fabric erasable market.

Take a 5” square from fabric D and place the bottom right corner of it just above the mark previously made align it and using the erasable market trace a diagonal line going from bottom left corner to top left corner, stitch on top of the drawn line.

Using the rotary cutter and a ruler trim the excess fabric. Press and open up the piece.

Diagram-1Now take a HTS from fabric B and align the longest side at the centre with the longest side of the initial triangle. Press open.

Diagram-2Take one 3¾” square from fabric E and place it on top of the piece that is already made, align square E to the right top corner making sure that it is aligned to the top and right edges of the large piece.

Using the erasable market trace a diagonal line from bottom right corner to top left corner. Stitch on top of the line, trim excess fabric and press open.

Diagram-3Repeat this block seven times.

You will be repeating this block again two times but this time replace fabric B for fabric C and make eleven blocks with this combination, and also replace fabric B for fabric F and make it six times.


At this point you are done with half of the blocks that need to make this quilt top

Now, you will be constructing the same block following exactly the same previous steps, BUT this time you will do it backwards to mirror the block (follow the diagram below).

Make the same amount of blocks as you made before for each combination.

Diagram-5You should end up with a total of forty-eight blocks. Get ready to start sewing the blocks together.

Follow the quilt picture for block placement:



I hope you enjoy making this, and please comment with any thoughts.

Sew on!