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Hello and happy friday, fabric & fashion lovers! 

Ahh so much alliteration (yes!). I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy with the team putting products together so we can share our LookBooks with you. There are so many projects and photos and we get so excited when you write that they inspire you, so THANK YOU for that.

This time I'm back with another image recollection of products and FABRIC that come together to set a mood: SUCCULENT


Succulent motifs have been very present in all aspects for quite sometime: home decor, fashion, and of course as house plants (they are so beautiful and forgiving).

So here is some succulent eye-candy:



Cacti Field Fun from Morning Walk by Leah Duncan




Of course the silhouette of the cactus is a very memorable one, and you saw it on Morning Walk. Personally, I can't wait to see how the mood transitions into autumn, especially with the launch of Succulence by Bonnie Christine in September. I mean this print...:


These plums and dirt tones that take you to the desert dusk... so much beauty:


Each of our collections is carefully curated to work harmoniously, yet I love finding prints from different collections that work well together, like this group of fabrics which includes Succulence by Bonnie (first six prints) and Bound by April Rhodes (available later this month).


Have you seen any recurrent motif that catches your eye lately? Let's share inspiration.