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2015 Spring Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 2
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2015 Spring Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 3

Hello there!

Hope everybody had a nice and long weekend. We definitely needed that extra day to rest, hopefully you did too. Did you enjoy recap 1 and 2 so far? Well, get ready for part 3 where we'll show you all the fabulous remaining booths as well as the winner of the best merchandise booth of Quilt Market 2015. How exiting is that? The AGF family won 2 awards!!! Also, stay a little longer to view our Quilt Market video.

Our first designer of this recap is Sharon Holland with her second collection for AGF, Sketchbook. This collection is inspired by nature's flora. Sharon's hand drawn designs and doodles come to life with a mix of indigo, spruce greens, berry pinks, and bark and flax neutrals, available in stores July 2015.


Next is the artistic Bari J. with her sixth collection, Anna Elise. This collection is for the artsy and free spirit souls. It encourages you to let your imagination run free while enjoying your surroundings filled with colors and music. Colored in sea foam, rosebud and sirocco, this collection will be available soon. We also want to congratulate Bari for winning the best booth award for merchandising. BRAVO! Bari-J

Caroline Hulse is our newest addition to our group of licensed designers. She began as one of our limited edition designers; we decided to expand her creative design aesthetics and we are so glad we did. Her second collection is called Happy Home. It is a lively and playful collection packed with swirling typography, loving hearts that are beautifully colored with spruce greens, peach buds and crystal roses, available in stores May 2015.


and last in our booth tour is Imprint by Katarina Roccella, a collection that is so versatile, rich and elemental. It gathers some of Katarina's favorite colors, shades and elements. Its versatility can be used to mix, match or blend with other collections, available in stores June 2015.


From the whole AGF family we hope you enjoyed visiting, meeting, catching up with every single one of us at QM (or the blog). We are definitely eager to start with the new collections and everything that comes with it. From designing and making inspirational projects, to  creating look books, tutorials, having collaborations and a few surprises along the way. We are extremely excited for what's coming during the next months.

Meanwhile, enjoy this fun video we made for you all!!  

Thanks for your love towards fabrics and see you all in Houston for the big AGF celebration!!