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2015 Spring Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 1 [AGF & Pat Bravo]
2015 Spring Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 3

2015 Spring Int'l Quilt Market Recap Pt. 2

Hey everybody,

I hope you enjoyed part one of our Quilt Market recap. We are ready to show you the first half of the designers and how they translated their collection (and inspiration) into their booth. We are thrilled to present our first designer; April Rhodes with her latest collection Bound Fabrics. This collection is often described as bold, untamed and earthy. April continues to showcase her style with this collection, which is filled with unique designs and brushstrokes. The rich western colors pallet include tangerine oranges, soothing sea blues, malachite greens and autumn sunset yellows, available in stores July 2015.April

Another of our talented designers is Bonnie Christine, this time debuting her Succulence collection with organic, vibrant and fresh designs that are very distinctive of Bonnie's style. This collection is about the ability to thrive and create new beginnings with an everlasting drive to evolve. With lively hues like plum wine, and copper Succulence is a collection like no other, available in stores Sept 2015. Bonnie

As you all might know, Katarina Roccella, lives in Serbia, and we were so happy she flew in to launch her up coming lines Wonderland and Imprint (up on the blog tomorrow). Wonderland is an illustrative, textured, and enchanted collection inspired by adventures. With a balanced mixed of Katarina's drawings and prints, this collection merges dreams and reality with a hint of nostalgia, available in stores Sept 2015.Katarina_Wonderland

And last but definitely not least is Jeni Baker with her Curiosities collection. Jeni is able to maintain a refined color palette style throughout this collection with youthful, charismatic and refreshing designs. This collection is dedicated to Jeni's bunny George, who is ever curious.JeniWe hope you enjoyed part one and two of the recap, stay tuned for part three next week, where we'll show you the rest of our designers and their beautiful booths. Feel free to leave us your comments and/or questions in the section below....

Until next time.